Duane And Daben – Inventing Avenues Of Expression For Light: Playing At Creating With And In Light



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Duane And Daben – Inventing Avenues Of Expression For Light: Playing At Creating With And In Light

Graduate Light Body Course
with Duane and DaBen

Transforming with Light Series Part 3

Playing at Creating With and In Light

Receive DaBen’s live transmissions just for you during each meditation.

This is a manifesting course!

Throughout the course, DaBen guides you to awaken and express a new, beautiful transcendent light. He guides you to explore fresh ways to create new expressions of your inner light through your thoughts, feelings, and outer expressions. As you open the portal and experience this new quality of light the outer world – thoughts, feelings, relationships, your circumstances and activities and so on – reforms itself to match your new consciousness of light.

As you are able to  access more of your inner light you may, or may not make changes in the outer forms you use to express yourself, your life, and your work. However the vibration these carry, the light they emit, and the content of those forms will have a different sense of energy behind them.

With the changes that are happening in the world, it is a perfect time to look from a higher perspective at your life and the new choices that will be available. You can view your life and world events from a higher, more centered and insightful perspective.

Learn more about how to strengthen and deepen your inner connections

In his meditations, DaBen will show you new ways to strengthen and deepen your inner connections with each other, individually and as a group. These are ways that you can use to enhance your inner connections to all the people in your life. You can radiate the light you will experience in this course to everyone who is responsive to that light, including your friends and loved ones.

Experience a new, beautiful transcendent light.

Duane feels this is a quantum leap into understanding how to create new forms in your life that match your inner light. Working with the light body spaces in these journeys, you can experience many new insights and ways to express your light on the higher planes and on the earth plane.

This course builds on the spaces of layers of light and opening the portal, which DaBen will introduce you to if you have not yet experienced these energies. You are now ready to invent expressions for light, for your experiences as light.

With your ability to experience everything as light you have a wonderful opportunity to express your light experience in new energetic ways. You can expand and transform your experience of your inherent nature as light into the light realms of your consciousness and on the earth plane.

Learn to express your true nature at this high, transcending level of light

As you express, playing and creating with and in light, you can expand your consciousness in more ways and in more subtle ways. You can experience yourself as pure Being, an ever-expanding and expressed Being.

This course will also focus on transforming your experience to the fluid and truer nature of being and consciousness.  You have the skills and senses and have created the opportunity for yourself to be and become your true nature at this high and transcending degree of light.

There is also a two-day companion course called Creating Your Light Realities (LB713) that will build on what is taught in this course and this course is a prerequisite for it.

How this course and the following Light Play course work together
In light of current world events, DaBen may guide us on some journeys on exploring cellular consciousness and bring us to a place where we can have a different view of the energies present right now.

Once you have completed the main course and have some of the bigger general picture and principles, in the Light Play course that follows you will discover more about how to integrate this energy and work with it, and how you might hold the energy of new types of light to see how it affects you.

Additionally, you will play with the various intensities, frequencies, and patterns of movement of light to gain the ability to see more in-depth into a particular area, using the light that is there. For instance, you will be able to look at your life and issues such as in a relationship, what is the relationship of this connection to the light you are holding? With this course you will explore questions such as, “How do I begin to really, in depth, bring this light into my personality, into the way I live my earth life, into living in the light?”

Participants’ Feedback and Comments

About the Layers of Light and the Layers of Light Beings

  •     There was a feeling of pure joy in the layers of light, and very fulfilling. It was very easy to get into those spaces and it was playful, easy to stay in those spaces.
  •     The layers of light beings were amazing to work with and they are playful and a lot of fun. I learned a lot from them.
  •     I felt limitless, and brought those energies back to the earth plane. I realized I could use this light as consciousness material for creating. I could see how these energies would be very useful for manifesting.
  •     It was so expansive out there that my ordinary consciousness seems different when I come back from these spaces. It feels like this energy is so accessible, so available to use in a number of ways. There was a continual experience of vastness and yet all of that landed on the earth plane.
  •     As I looked over my life through this new light, everything seemed so connected. It was so much fun to play the layers of light, playful, like playing an instrument. I felt so enriched by this experience.
  •     For me, the layers were like experiencing different qualities of joy. The layers of light beings made it easier for me to experience myself. It was very blissful and floating.
  •     I loved playing with the layers of light beings, they are so accessible and loving. I felt vastly expanded as I connected with them. They were able to show me myself at levels I had never seen before.
  •     After playing in this light my presence feels more real. I feel like I am more aware of myself and I have more dimensional awareness.

Short Meditation to Experience the Layers of Light
Imagine traveling up and up, through layer after layer of light, into exquisite experiences of light that are pure joy. You think you have experienced the highest, most open, incredibly uplifting and beautiful light there is, and then suddenly you become aware of an even higher, more beautiful light, beyond description.

You keep opening by moving through the portal, opening to layer after layer of light, playing the layers like a conductor in an orchestra, with exquisite sensations, precision, and rhythm. With each layer you experience a new type of light. You feel lifted and expanded, held in this light, with the density of energy on the earth plane opening up, until there is only light and you yourself have turned into light.

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