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Duane And Daben – Assimilating Light: Your Nature As Light

Experience the power of a group joining together in the light body spaces.
DaBen will transmit to you throughout each meditation whenever you join in
to assist you in having wonderful experiences as you explore these spaces.
There is a two-day companion course called Discovering Your Light Signature (LB712) that builds on what is taught in this Course.
Main Course: Assimilating Light followed by a
Companion Course: Discovering Your Light Signature
This is the course in the Transforming with Light series.  We have received very enthusiastic stories about people’s experiences with this series.

Explore manifesting at the level of light
to create profound and useful changes
in your life and consciousness.

Duane: In these courses you will transform your life by experiencing everything as light-your thoughts, the objects about you, your perceptions and circumstances. At the level of light you will expand the light, add new qualities of light, and make the light more beautiful. As you work at the level of light the changes you make at that level will resonate and filter down into ordinary reality as wonderful shifts in your daily life and consciousness.
Play with some very loving beings to open a portal to new light.
You will be joined by some evolved and very loving beings of light who will help open the portal to bring through wonderful energies of light from the higher dimensions that are new to the earth plane. You will add these new light qualities to everything in your life you have turned into light.
Playing at the level of light enhances everything you experience and create.
To transform by using these new qualities of light, you will play at the level of light, creating beautiful light patterns that becomes a stunning light show of colors, harmonies, movements, and intensities. DaBen will then show you how to absorb and assimilate the light you have been playing with so that it naturally becomes a part of you and all that you manifest and create.

The state of assimilating light
is so delightful and inviting

you will enjoy experiencing it over and over.
Assimilating is expanding into your larger beingness. A part of assimilating is taking in the consciousness you will experience when you know yourself as light, accessing it, and making light so much a part of your being that you will not fall back into old ways of being and experiencing. Experiencing yourself as light helps you break through limiting concepts and beliefs.
You can create your reality from a
much higher level as you
all your experiences,
now sensed as light,
into your consciousness.
Words and concepts do not exist to accurately convey the “ah ha” moments and new awareness that is possible when you play in these spaces. DaBen will transmit energy during each meditation to assist you in having uplifting experiences, fresh insights, and many expansions of consciousness.
With the completion of this course, you can discover your light signature that is you. There is a companion course, Discovering Your Light Signature, that builds on what you learn in the Assimilating Light course. You will learn how to take the vibration of your light signature out to the world.  We will look at such issues as, “How do I hold my light signature strong enough so that people begin to respond to my light signature rather than who they think I am or thought I was?”
You will start shifting your perspective to coming from your light signature in your interactions with the people and energies about you. You will learn how to stay centered in the light and interact with the world this way, and the world will interact with you as the light you are.

Participants Feedback and Comments About the Layers of Light and the Layers of Light Beings

  •     There was a feeling of pure joy in the layers of light, and very fulfilling. It was very easy to get into those spaces and it was playful, easy to stay in those spaces.
  •     The layers of light beings were amazing to work with and they are playful and a lot of fun. I learned a lot from them.
  •     I felt limitless, and brought those energies back to the earth plane. I realized I could use this light as consciousness material for creating. I could see how these energies would be very useful for manifesting.
  •     It was so expansive out there that my ordinary consciousness seems different when I come back from these spaces. It feels like this energy is so accessible, so available to use in a number of ways. There was a continual experience of vastness and yet all of that landed on the earth plane.
  •     As I looked over my life through this new light, everything seemed so connected. It was so much fun to play the layers of light, playful, like playing an instrument. I felt so enriched by this experience.
  •     For me, the layers were like experiencing different qualities of joy. The layers of light beings made it easier for me to experience myself. It was very blissful and floating.
  •     I loved playing with the layers of light beings, they are so accessible and loving. I felt vastly expanded as I connected with them. They were able to show me myself at levels I had never seen before.
  •     After playing in this light my presence feels more real. I feel like I am more aware of myself and I have more dimensional awareness.

Short Meditation to Experience the Layers of Light

Take a moment to get quiet and turn within. If you would like, link with DaBen and your guide, asking them to assist you experiencing the Layers of Light.

Imagine traveling up and up, through layer after layer of light, into exquisite experiences of light that are pure joy. You think you have experienced the highest, most open, incredibly uplifting and beautiful light there is, and then suddenly you become aware of an even higher, more beautiful light, beyond description.

You keep opening by moving through the portal, opening to layer after layer of light, playing the layers like a conductor in an orchestra, with exquisite sensations, precision, and rhythm.

You feel lifted and expanded, held in this light, with the density of energy on the earth plane opening up, until there is only light, and you yourself have turned into light.

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