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Dr. Kate Byrne – The Betty Booked Out Formula

Hi, it’s Dr Kate Byrne from Betty Means Business here. Through my work as a coach, consultant and professional services business owner over the past 15 years, I’ve created, tested and perfected a proven system for attracting dreamy leads and converting them into high-paying 1-on-1 private clients.

The result is the Betty Booked Out Formula — a complete system made up of 4 core parts and an avalanche of practical, easy to use tools, templates, and cheat sheets that lead you step-by-step to being fully booked with 1-on-1 clients… that you can use again and again so you’ll basically have clients on tap.
Yep, I said incredible premium clients on tap. Imagine what that could mean for your business. Imagine what that could mean for your LIFE! (Did you just feel massive relief, right?)
So… why does the Betty Booked Out Formula
focus on winning 1-on-1 clients?

Because winning clients is THE most important first step.  When you’re first starting out in business, it feels like there’s heaps to do, but actually, there’s only 1 thing you MUST do – only 1 truly non-negotiable:  Win clients.

Until you have clients, you don’t have a business.  You just have an expensive, time consuming hobby that keeps you awake at night with the anxiety of wondering if you should give it up and go back to a soul-sucking ‘real job’.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re anything like I was starting out, winning clients is always on your to do list, but something you rarely get around to.  I get it: the idea of putting yourself out there and (gulp!) actually talking with potential clients brings up a lot of stuff.  It’s confronting, intimidating and totally outside the comfort zone for most of us coaches and creative entrepreneurs.  I mean, we were born to help our clients transform their lives, not be salespeople, right? And so instead… it’s easier to pack your days with busy work that feels important – but is far less confronting (think tweaking your website, updating Instagram, setting up a mastermind crew, and aimlessly ‘networking’ in Facebook groups)…

Each night, as you hit the sack disappointed you didn’t get there again today, you try to convince yourself you’ll focus on pro-actively winning clients tomorrow.  Even so, somehow the next day is a carbon copy of the one before it: Long days where you work your ass off but don’t actually bring on as many great clients as you want.  

Your whole day disappears as you watch Friends and Sex in the City re-runs in the background while working on your website or networking on social media instead of ‘hustling’ for clients (but… eugh, that word ‘hustling’ sounds terrible.  Do you *really* want to hustle if it means being sleazy, in your face and salesy with potential clients?  Hell no! And what exactly should hustling in your biz look like day to day anyway?).

Secretly you feel ashamed about working so damn hard, but not earning all that much.

You’re smart. You KNOW you do great work. You’re not afraid of hard work. And so you ask yourself over and over again:

‘It is meant to be this bloody hard?’

You compare yourself to the smiling famous-online industry-leading dames with the gorgeous soul sister crew, who command high prices and attract high profile clients.

Business looks effortless for them.  They seem to have raving, never-ending waitlists and plenty of time for middle-of-the-day yoga classes, working on their laptop in beach-side juice bars and making memories with their kids.

You see the gaping difference between where they’re at and your daily struggle… and you wonder:

The cold hard truth is that without clients you don’t have any cash flow.  And without cash flow you don’t have a sustainable business.  What you DO have is an ocean of stress, plenty of sleepless nights and worry-driven days.  The anxiety-fuelled fact that you don’t have all the clients you want – that you’re still not fully booked – is always there weighing on you, even when you try to push the thought to the back of your mind.

If you’ve been working your ass off – writing your eBook, Periscoping like a mofo, updating your Instagram, working on your first eCourse, sharing great content, submitting guest post after guest post to the Huffington Post – but still have a lot of client shaped holes in your schedule, YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

In fact, it’s not your fault you’re not yet fully booked.

You see, there’s so much crazy misinformation out there these days about what it takes to win the clients you want.  Knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and what to prioritise is damn confusing with all the options out there.  I’ve seen it over and over with my private clients, incredible women coaches and creatives who are amazing at what they do, stuck, overwhelmed and wracked with self-doubt when it comes to consistently winning clients.

So many of us are confused about exactly what to do – the exact steps to take – to get booked out with great clients, and have been fooled into overcomplicating the shit out of things.

eCourses, eBooks, and passive or more leveraged offers are great, but here’s what others won’t tell you: you need a big list, engaged community, a name in the industry and significant investment (in terms of lead time and moolah) to make them a success.  So… depending where you’re at in your business, just because your favourite online biz dame has killed it launching an ecourse doesn’t mean that approach will automatically work for you too.

Especially if you’ve got less than 1,000 or so people on your subscriber list and/or you’re still building a name for yourself in your industry, working with clients 1-on-1 is THE FASTEST way to the cash flow, big pay days and booked out roster you desire. No question about it.

And now for the great news:

Being booked out with awesome 1-on-1 clients you love (who love you right back) is simpler than you think!

In fact, my approach to getting fully booked is all about crystal clear clarity, setting up a solid foundation and then consistently rocking just a few simple, yet big impact, strategies done well.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a thriving business you love, but feared you’ll never be that person, hear me when I say: Those fears are nothing but bullshit self-doubt.

Being booked out is possible for you and your business.  And I can help.

Why booked out?

Because having a roster full of excited clients naturally opens the door to a flood of other exciting opportunities too.  Being booked out is your golden ticket to quickly growing your business empire for real (how ever that ‘empire’ looks to you!).  

I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and learn new things all the time, and I’m still on my own business building journey, but take it from me:

I know from experience that your confidence soars when you’re booked out with a wait list of raving fans excited to work with you.

That’s not all.  The market insights you’re able to gather by working 1-on-1 with premium clients is, well, priceless.  Those insights mean your next offers – ecourses, ebooks, group programs, workshops, live events, meditation albums – are more likely to sell like hot cakes.   Success begets success.  Your reputation as an in-demand hot commodity snowballs. Influencers reach out to YOU.  You wake up excited each morning and hit the sack proud each night.  You sleep well, knowing you made the right decision to leave that soul sucking job, confident you’ll never have to go back.  Your significant other stops asking you when all your hard work will pay off. And you finally have the steady cash flow and momentum to easily take your business to the next level, and to take your family on the holiday you’ve been promising them.

If there’s just one thing you take away after reading this letter, please let it be this:  A delightfully full roster ISN’T just for a chosen few cool kids in your field.  It is within your reach (yes, being booked out is possible for you!).

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