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Dr. Bee Thomas And Matt Sibert – How To Launch A Successful Cbd Brand


In this 8 week course on How To Launch a Successful CBD Brand by Sagelogica you will Learn:

  • Exactly how a couple launched a CBD brand and got three offers for buyout from public companies within 6 months of launching
  • How to implement a little-known branding technique that will make your CBD brand stand out from the crowd and get you more sales
  • The exact steps we used to reach 9 million people per week on our Facebook Page and make thousands per week in sales using messenger bots
  • Ways to stay compliant with your labels and website so the FDA doesn’t come knocking at your door
  • How to leverage human psychology to build a high-converting sales funnel…no matter what tool or software you use
  • You will know and understand how to create a brand that is attractive to investors and possibly get offers to buy your company
  • Tips on exactly how to get sales and set up new accounts using a predictable and scalable process
  • How to access a network of vetted professionals that will help take your CBD brand to the next level
  • The best ways to drive traffic to your website and convert into sales

Class Curriculum

Introduction and Course Framework

Course Video Intro (5:34)

Week Zero: Course Introduction (18:08)

WEEK 1: Mindset

  • Mindset: Attitude is everything (27:06)
  • Mindset: Know Thyself First (16:41)
  • Mindset: Create a solid routine: (16:21)
  • Mindset: Manifestation toolkit (17:25)
  • Mindset: Work life balance (5:08)
  • WEEK 1 ACTION ITEMS (1:25)

WEEK 2: Education

  • Education: Rich Hemp History (10:55)
  • Education: Hemp Industry Knowledge (5:16)
  • Education: CBD Opportunities (10:21)
  • Education: Regulatory Compliance (77:38)
  • WEEK 2 ACTION ITEMS (1:34)

WEEK 3: Business

  • Business: Branding (18:01)
  • Business: Target audience (4:02)
  • Business: CBD Business Setup (10:52)
  • Business: Organizational Culture (3:36)
  • Business: Human Resources (9:18)
  • WEEK 3 ACTION ITEMS (1:05)

WEEK 4: Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing: Sourcing your product (14:51)
  • Manufacturing: Fulfilment (7:27)
  • Manufacturing: Product Formulation (9:30)
  • Manufacturing: Packaging and Design (9:53)
  • WEEK 4 ACTION ITEMS (1:02)

WEEK 5: Numbers

  • Numbers: Important numbers to know (7:48)
  • Numbers: How to Determine your costs (5:47)
  • Numbers: How to attract an Investor (11:27)
  • WEEK 5 ACTION ITEMS (1:32)

WEEK 6: Sales & Customer Management

  • Sales: Retail (11:06)
  • Sales: Online (9:42)
  • Sales: Tradeshow and Farmers Market Secrets (16:36)
  • Sales: Customer Service (13:03)
  • Sales: Sagelogica Sales System (21:27)
  • WEEK 6 ACTION ITEMS (1:21)

WEEK 7: Marketing

  • Marketing: Facebook & Linked-In (12:58)
  • Marketing: Instagram (5:20)
  • Marketing: Influencers & Affiliates (14:54)
  • Marketing: Marketing Strategies (18:17)
  • WEEK 7 ACTION ITEMS (1:36)

WEEK 8: Launch

  • Launch: Launching 101 (9:45)
  • Congratulations Video (1:04)

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