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Dave Vanhoose & Dustin Mathews – Automated Webinar Cash Machine

From: The Desk of Dave VanHoose

To: ALL Info-Marketers, Business Owners, Speakers, and Authors

In Reply To:
“Dave, How can I Streamline my Business, so I can enjoy TIME?
I would love to learn how I can make more money and still have time for the people and activites that I love and miss because I’m always working so hard!”

Hey Friends,

There’s a “new reality” in marketing and business as the economy has shifted under our feet in the last five years. You must come up with fresh, innovative solutions to keep your business flourishing and healthy…

…have you experienced this lately?

You’re Trying To Be A Technician And An Entrepreneur – The Learning Curve Is Overwhelming And It’s TOO Much Work (Even If You Have A Staff To Back You Up!)
There Is A Lack Of Consistent Sales And Response To Your Current Marketing. What Was Working Before Produces Little Or NO Results In 2012.
Your Business Isn’t Making Enough Money…Your Bottom-Line Is On A Dangerous Rollercoaster.
You Are Trying To Manage And Pay TOO Many Employees…The Health Insurance, Overhead And Missed Work Days Are Hammering Your Business.
You Are NOT Sure How To Run Your Business Effectively While You’re Being Impacted By An Unstable Economy That Can Change Direction DAILY.
Here are your options to pull in more cash and customers…

Hire More Sales People – That Means A Cash Drain You Don’t Need Right Now!
Do LIVE Webinars And Seminars (A Huge Investment In Time And Travel – 75 Hour Work Weeks…(Kiss Your Personal Life Goodbye And You Risk A Serious “Crash And Burn”)
Looks pretty bleak doesn’t it? BUT there is a great choice that’s a “game changer”…

Imagine… Being Handed The Keys to a Powerful, Proven Sales System! …which works… 24 Hours per Day – Every Day of the Year – For as Long as You Like!

Imagine… Having a “Super Salesperson” On Your Side…Who NEVER Calls In Sick Or Asks For A Raise.

Imagine… Having an Energetic Machine That Delivers A Massively Effective Sales Message… Without Fail!

…It’s like Finding a POWER Button for YOUR DREAMS!

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

My Name’s Dave VanHoose

I’ve used my many experiences and skills to become a powerful speaker trainer and marketing expert. I’ve made it my mission to take new and experienced speakers and teach them how to make 7-figure incomes.

I’ve shared the Platform with Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar and many famous celebrities, entrepreneurs and leaders.
I’ve spoken at more than 3000 seminars
created presentations for top-flight speakers, authors, and info-marketers.
Considered “America’s #1 Webinar Conversion Specialist!”
Founded 35th Fastest Growing Company in USA
Generated 32 Million in Sales
America’s Top Speaker Coach
2010 Speaker Trainer of the Year
World Champion Motivation and Sports Trainer
Author of “Winning Now”
Hailed as “America’s Leading Sales Innovator”
I hand-picked a team of experts – brought ALL of our speaking, marketing and mentoring experience together – with the BEST webinar technology in existence to create The Automated Webinar Cash Machine. It’s proven, tested and guaranteed to make cash for you, attract MORE clients and customers and run flawlessly on auto-pilot – day and night!

You’re probably wondering when it will be your turn to START LIVING YOUR DREAMS!

You’d Probably expect to pay $10K or more for the freedom you can get by using the The Automated Webinar Cash Machine

…Before you GET STARTED with The Automated Webinar Cash Machine today…

I need to share with you the BEST PART!

…which makes The Automated Webinar Cash Machine VERY special…

It includes the COMPLETE $12,000 mentoring package that’s avaliable to the top world-class marketers, seminar speakers and entrepreneurs who come to us for help with their webinars.

Ca$h Now! Webinar Training

5 High-Quality 60 minute LlVE Webinars

Module 1. Foundation

Module 2. Presentation

Module 3 – The Easy Technology

Module 4 – Plug & Play Webinar pages.

Module 5 – The Traffic Module

Bonus Module – Questions and Answers

Module 1. Foundation

What are webinars, how they work…and how you can get the most out of AWCM.

Module 2. Presentation

You get the same PowerPoint file Dave and Dustin use to create $12,000 presentations…it’s all yours. You get spot-on video training showing you exactly how to fill the templates out.

Module 3. The Easy Technology

Once you’ve got your presentation scripted and created…we show you the easy way to record it and get it to the AWCM crew. Then we’ll build your webinar for you (as promised) and get it up and running in 24-48 hours!

Module 4. Plug & Play Webinar pages.

You get five important web-pages, leading your prospect step-by-step through a proven sales funnel. This critical video explains in all in clear, non-techie detail.

Module 5. The Traffic Module

We cover a whole new universe of getting high-conversion traffic for you. It’s important stuff…and packed with rich “must-know” content. This dynamic video breaks down how you can use every major traffic source available to you – online and offline.

Covers the choice JV and Affiliates connections and how to drive traffic to your webinar.
How to use Pay-for-Click to attract a steady flow of quality traffic to your webinar.
Tap into all the evolving social media and networking (FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube and more…
Get the SEO secrets the top marketers use to get reliable Search Engine Traffic for your webinar.
Bonus Module

Questions and Answers – You get a concise over-view of the training and how it works together…so you have full control and complete understanding.

Plug & Profit Presentation Conversion Template

How anyone can bring their sales message stand-out power and sizzle! This is proven 12 step – “deal maker” you can use for any webinar…regardless of your niche or market.

Dave VanHoose’s $14 Million+ Presentation Formula

The $14 MILLION script Dave VanHoose used to sell a $7,000 product – it’s one of Dave’s best power-house seminar transcriptions from beginning to end. You can always raid it for ideas, inspiration and copy!

AWCM Done-For-You Marketing System

All the steps you need to effectively set up stellar marketing for your webinars. Say goodbye to expensive consultants and agencies! A complete email sequence ready to connect you with new prospects…and can be customized for any product or launch.

Instant Traffic Lead Machine

How you will get all the traffic you want through dozens of sources… including all the new, emerging social networking sites!

Make Money While You Sleep

AWCM Blueprint Graphic

Fire up your Automated Webinars with action steps guaranteed to flood your bank account with more cash… anytime you want.

HOT Products That Sell Secrets

Get the low-down on the best products to sell and position your business for enormous profit streams. We’ve corralled a MAJOR insider who’ll give you the FULL scoop on product creation and fulfillment!

Automated Wealth & Freedom Webinar Software

Webinars up and running in 24-48 hours!

Our premier plug-and play automated webinar software delivers a seamless, professional webinar experience your prospects will love. Easy, intuitive set-up and loads of quality features. You get THREE YEARS full support for the automated webinar our dedicated tech team will setup for you.

More Information: Please check more value courses here !

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