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Daniel Hall And John Kremer – Real Fast Social Graphics

Module 1: Power Pinning On Pinterest (12 Lessons + Downloads)

Module 2: How To Create Pins (14 Lessons + Downloads)

Module 3: Building Your Profile and Followers On Pinterest (6 Lessons)

Module 4: How To Monetize With Pinterest (6 Lessons)

Module 5: Minute Training Sessions (4 Lessons)

Module 6: Bonuses (Templates, Canva Training, Trial Software and More!)

Module 1 – Power Pinning On Pinterest

  •  Introduction: 23 Reasons Why You Should Be Active On Pinterest
  •  Tip-O-Graphics – The Most Powerful Pin Style
  •  Quote Graphics – Works For Any Market and The Easiest Style To Get Into
  •  Videos – How You Can Utilize Videos With Your Pinterest Account
  •  Photos – How Photos Can Be Used To Make Great Pinterest Graphics
  •  The Value of Repins – Repins Are One Of Your Most Powerful Allies 
  •  Key Pinning Tips – Pin Properly And Your Efforts Can Pay Off In Spades
  •  GIF’s – See How Pinterest Is Even Allowing GIF’s To Help Grow Your Brand
  •  Adding  a Pin – How To Actually Set Up Your Pins
  •  How To Pin From Facebook
  •  Optimizing Pins From Blog Posts
  •  How To Add Metadata To Images
  •  PDF Downloads – PDF Downloads Associated With The Training

Module 2 – How To Create Pins

  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Microsoft Word (Part 1)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Microsoft Word (Part 2)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Microsoft Word (Part 3)
  •  Creating Tip-O-Graphics Using Microsoft Word
  •  Creating Social Graphics Using Buffer (Part 1)
  •  Creating Social Graphics Using Buffer (Part 2)
  •  Creating Social Graphics Using TypeSlab
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 1)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 2)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 3)
  •  Creating Quote Graphics Using Powerpoint (Part 4)
  •  Creating Graphics Using Canva Tutorial
  •  Success Quotes (163 Page E-Book Full Of Success Quotes)
  •  Downloadable Powerpoint Templates
  •  How To Use TV Listings To Ride The Wave Of Celebrity
  •  How To Create Cinemagraphs Using Powerpoint

Module 3 – Building Your Profile and Followers On Pinterest

  •  Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile
  •  Setting Up Pinterest Boards
  •  Pinterest Board Variety
  •  Pinterest Group Boards
  •  Pinterest Analytics
  •  Determining Buyer Keywords
  •  General Documents

Module 4 – How To Monetize With Pinterest

  •  How To Monetize With Pinterest (Part 1)
  •  How To Monetize With Pinterest (Part 2)
  •  How To Monetize With Pinterest (Part 3)
  •  How To Cloak Your Links
  •  Pinterest For Novelists (Part 1)
  •  Pinterest For Novelists (Part 2)

Module 5 – Minute Training Sessions

  •  How to Create a Board Showcase (Slider) for Your Pinterest Profile
  •  How To Create a Group Board On Pinterest
  •  How to Accept Group Board Invitations
  •  How to Use Hashtags in Your Pin Descriptions

Module 6 – Bonuses

  •  5 Canva Bonus Templates
  •  Copycat Canva Covers
  •  3 Month Free Trial To BoardBooster Software
  •  John Kremer’s Facebook Marketing For Authors, LinkedIn & Twitter Training

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