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Dan Kennedy – Info Summit 2017 Presentations



You are hereby entrusted to keep this classified information from the clutches of all enemies of ingenuity and those too lethargic to answer this urgent worldwide calling…

Moments from now, you’re going to discover the secret headquarters of the most successful information marketers in the world… And how you can step forward and join their ranks, acquire their superpowers, and emerge victorious in the battle to achieve limitless business growth and unimagined success in your own information business…

…AND how you can legally STEAL their closely guarded, profit-punching, money-exploding secrets that can bust the chains off all your business obstacles faster than an electronic bank deposit…

You’re about to discover:

How to take all your knowledge and turn it into real wealth

Where to exchange ideas, network and trade tactics

Why you NEED the priceless expertise and secrets that working right now, today, from actual superheroes of information marketing, like Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Robin Robins, Rich Shefren, Ryan Levesque, and many many more.

The calamitous threats to your successful business and lifestyle are too far-reaching and powerful to ignore.






Like Bruce Wayne made himself Batman, a superhero with no super powers, Dan Kennedy made himself the superhero of info-marketing. For this year’s Info-Summit he is preparing a new, deep-dive, 3-Episode Seminar for info marketers that will pace Faster Than A Speeding Bullet and challenge you to keep up…give you X-Ray Vision into visible yet rarely understood Secrets of Success of leaders in this field…make you “Marvel” at the new feats of super moneymaking, influence and power you’ll be able to accomplish, racing home at the speed of The Flash to put it all to use!

Episode ONE:



A successful, profitable business has structure. It has essential elements. It has chemistry. It is complex – far more complex than it appears to outsiders or casual observers. It even has secrets. It can be built to withstand all peril, and to be resilient, adaptive, to thrive no matter the changing circumstances, or it can be built haphazardly, reactively, on weak foundation, and be fragile and unreliable.

The superhero business has, in the past, been threatened with extinction by assault of government regulation; it has struggled through the Great Depression; it has been a creature of ‘old media’ that many predicted would be destroyed by ‘new media’; it is defying the villainy of “free” and not only thriving, but doing so at record-breaking, premium prices — as example, with cheap comic books replaced by pricey hardbound “graphic novels.” There are profound parallels, past, present and future that Dan Kennedy draws between the superhero industry and the info-marketing industry, that may change the way you think about, build, grow and expand your business.

Beyond that, Dan will take you deep inside his own “BUILD IT TO LAST” strategies, dating to his Origin as an info-marketing leader, a maker of entirely new business models as foreign to speakers, authors, publishers, etc. in the 1970’s as the meta-humans disguised among us are now. In this remarkably revealing Episode, he will describe how incredibly deliberate he has been in constructing a Built-To-Last character and persona, position and

reputation, audiences and markets, “borrowed” components from other fields and businesses including the superhero industry…and critical misunderstandings, erroneous ideas and mistakes frequently made by new and veteran info-marketers that weaken their businesses like glowing green Kryptonite weakens Superman.


Dan has sustained 40 years of uninterrupted, steady, super-strong success and prominence and popularity as an info-marketer, something very few do, and literally thousands of short-lived, briefly “hot” but disappeared and forgotten ones do not. He has created not only income but also equity. He has marshalled a loyal, constant audience (customers/members) with 30, 20 and 10-year tenure with him. His flagship product, The Magnetic Marketing System® is celebrating its 25TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY, selling worldwide every day without interruption for those 25 years.

His books have been on booksellers’ shelves non-stop for 36 years. HE IS NOT SPOUTING THEORY ABOUT BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS TO LAST. He speaks from profound experience, as virtually no one else can.

Episode TWO:


Why & How To Be A Superhero To Your Audience/Market

Differentiation….”hold” over a constituency that will support you and your business…. invulnerability to cheap and free, proliferate choices….stability, security, equity….are increasingly difficult challenges. These super-challenges require super-powers.

Nothing has been Kryptonite for Kennedy. He thrived in this field before the internet and now, before the explosion of free content and now, with the customer of changing nature and behavior, with massive societal changes – like the disappearance of “the traveling salesman army” and its consumption of audio learning programs…..and he has consistently created new, breakthrough strategies and opportunities, making himself, his clients, the industry resilient. Each time the Bat-Signal has illuminated the night sky, he has responded, ready, able to meet each new challenge!

Much of this is possible — staying power, price and profit protection, loyal and ever-responsive audience — thanks to Kennedy’s making of himself into a superhero to his customers, members, followers and fans. He has guided private clients in this field in the exact same crafting, resulting in one after another after another rising from rank beginners or laborers in obscurity to 7-figure income earners (from part-time, 2nd business info-

marketing), millionaires and multi-millionaires. Each has learned how to don their own capes and cowls and fascinate their ‘cities’ as heroes. To endlessly fascinate. To be celebrated, to have their legends told and re-told, to have eager buyers waiting for the next installment —- product, program, event. Many are at first uncomfortable with hero positioning, as Peter Parker was when that radioactive spider’s bite changed his life forever. But there is FORMULA for this. You don’t need to be Daredevil, a blind superhero.

As a copywriter, this is one of the super-powers Kennedy has: taking meek ‘n mild Clark Kents, developing them as Supermen….for which he is routinely paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this Episode, with Examples, you’ll see how this is done and how you can do it for yourself. Why you should.

How to use it to speed and multiply attraction, conversion, retention and ascension like nothing else.

Episode THREE:


Seven SUPER-IMPACT Feats You Can Perform, To Make Customers Gasp!

Been there, done that, seen it, heard it, ho-hum, here we go again. I don’t have time to open it, read it, watch it, I’m too busy, call me back in a month – maybe then. We are fighting a formidable entity: a jaded, blasé, complacent, overwhelmed, attention-deficit market. Dan began in this business when there was relative scarcity of ‘success information’. The speaking business was barely out of infancy, into toddler; the National Speakers Association had its annual convention’s cocktail party at Somers White’s house! Media was, basically, confined to a few magazines. The only products were books and audio cassettes. But ATTENTION was relatively easy to get from business owners, salespeople and professionals or from hobbyists and recreationalists, for any ‘n all health, wealth ‘n happiness promotion – because there were comparatively few promoters and little media. Obviously, ALL that has changed, and SECURING ATTENTION (to Sell, to Retain, to Ascend) is now an epic struggle!

As The Joker said about Batman, “Where does he get all these marvelous toys!” Kennedy has been ‘the Mad Scientist’, endlessly inventing or innovating new, bigger, more amazing, more powerful Attention-Commanding Devices, Packages, Strategies for info-marketers, while also keeping info-marketers from too easily abandoning the most reliable weapons of the arsenal.

IN THIS FAST-PACED “SHOW-AND-TELL” SESSION, he’ll show you Back-To-The-Future, Retro….Brand New, Explosively Powered…..”Go Big Or Go Home”….SUPER-IMPACT Examples of ‘feats you can perform’ that your crowd MUST give attention to. Look, when Superman stopped a speeding locomotive with an extended arm, he was mimicking real superheroes demonstration feats – like Houdini’s, and a trick like that was a very big deal. Today, not so much. Similarly, what WOW-ed ‘em and worked for info-marketers a handful of years back is now impotent. DAN WILL SHOW YOU WHAT THE BEST, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL, THE SUPER-POWERED INFO-MARKETERS, MANY HIS PRIVATE CLIENTS, ARE DOING NOW to fill fast-starts to the walls, actually sell out events and turn people away, sell at Very Big Prices even as direct competitors keep dropping theirs. He will also bluntly and candidly issue his warnings, predictions and advice about what must be done to win the war of Attention now and going forward.

You will beef up your utility belt by this session!

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