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Dan Kennedy – Butts In Seats

Dan S. Kennedy and Bill Glazer unlock the vault to reveal the secrets, strategies and actual promotions that have generated them over $100 MILLION from seminars attended by over ONE MILLION people and keep their seminars perpetually sold out.

Put on your own, sold-out, captivating seminar than fills up faster than you imagine possible and easily generates a flood of cash. With dozens of real life examples personally highlighted by Dan giving pointers and tips, you’ll get Dan and Bill’s EXACT room-filling strategy they’ve used to sell out every one of their events. Find out Dan and Bill’s well-guarded tactics developed over their collective 50 years of experience for producing promotions that make people thirsty for your seminar topic and eager to hand you checks in large amounts to attend your event.

–    Fill your seminars to the brim with your perfect audience
–    Maximize your profits from every seminar
–    Create the “hottest” events that people talk about for months

The “Secret Psychology of Seminar Attendance”

Find out the ten chief reasons people don’t attend your seminars, how to overcome this ENORMOUS Resistance and the biggest MISTAKE most people make that you’ll want to avoid.
39 Seminar-Stuffing Examples from Dan and Bill’s Legendary Seminar Promotions

Create demand and fill your seminar in record time using Dan and Bill’s swipe file complete with hand-written notations so you’ll know EXACTLY what to say, do and write to get people clamoring to attend your events.
Seminar Marketing and Profit Boosting Strategies

Inspire your audience to take your next-step offerings, discover ways to grow your business and fan base, and tips for how to produce life-changing events that please everyone from the newbie to the seasoned pro.
Key Ingredients of Successful Event Planning

Learn how to pick the perfect venue that won’t leave your attendees intimidated or insulted, orchestrate your seminar so it’s beneficial for everyone, build excitement and create memorable seminars that never disappoint your sell-out crowd and get someone else to pick up part or all of your event tab.
Transcription Manual Complete with All Exhibits, Examples and Swipe File

Gain real insider advantages with this transcript and manual stuffed full of powerful examples and notations.
Complete with All Exhibits, Examples and Swipe File

Listen in as two of the most envied, successful and profitable seminar marketers on the planet unveil their secrets to getting butts in seats and bucks in the bank on this professionally recorded DVD and audio CD so you can watch or listen as often as you like or stop and rewind to write down ideas.

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