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Dallin Neadv – Video Creators



Content Supply Academy

Video Creators
Everything you need to know to plan, film, edit and market videos to grow your income and impact online.

Have you ever seen super polished, professional videos and wondered…

“How in the world are they creating such amazing videos?

…I want mine to look that great!”

If you’ve been creating (or procrastinating) videos for your business and are tired of how amateur they often look and are ready to stand out in your market and be taken seriously for the expert you are…

then guess what?! there is a way to do that with video that doesn’t require fancy gear, big budgets and years of training…

Join me in this course where all of this (and so much more) is possible for you…

Learn To Create Videos To Grow Your Brand

with Dallin Nead

So you’d like to create professional videos? Incredible! Creating videos is one the best ways to make more money and grow your business, but the process of creating videos can feel daunting and overwhelming to do right. What equipment, software or messages should I use? How do I get featured in famous publications? How do I create videos that look amazing and bring me the results I want?

I’m going to help you remove all overwhelm and to not only learn how to film professional videos, but make sure you have complete clarity and confidence on how to plan, film and market each video to help you grow your company (or for your clients).

In VIDEO CREATORS, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of creating great videos.

Making profitable and professional videos for your online business takes the right kind of experience, knowledge and strategy .

The process of planning, creating and actually publishing videos is difficult – from knowing what to say, to setting up the camera, light, audio and then editing it in a way so you’re happy with the final product!

Let alone done intentionally so you can actually look amazing and make money with it.

Whether you’re brand new (a bit overwhelmed) or experience and looking to level up your marketing approach to get even more amazing results, I’ll share exactly what I’ve learned over the past years making hundreds of videos for many clients like Princess Cruises, Teachable, U.S. Marines Corp., Run Like Clockwork and more.

Walking you through the exact process I use for these clients.

I believe everyone (especially you!) has a unique message to share with the world (to sell your product or service).

The best way to share you message is with video.

And you have what it takes to learn the art and science behind making effective videos – with the right approach to learning, tools, and coaching.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get inside this course.


Story Supply: Brand Messaging, Marketing and Storytelling Training and Resources
Video Production: getting started with the right kind of equipment and how to use it for camera, lighting and audio solutions.
Video Editing: step-by-step editing workflow in adobe premiere pro and how to customize it for every social media channel.
Video Promotion
Video Critique Training: So you can see the little details of what creators do right and wrong when creating videos so you can create even better videos for yourself.
Sample Video Strategies And Case Studies: So you can have guidance and know-how with what to do based on what others are doing right!

“We won a Telly Award! I’m seriously beyond grateful as this video truly represented the passion Teachable and I have for the creators that are saying yes to their passions, big ideas and sharing it with the world. Huge shout out to Dallin for his amazing filming!”

– Jess Catorc, Teachable

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“It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes. It’s gotten thousands of views and I’ve actually hired him to help me with my entire video content strategy. So if you’re thinking about video content in your business, which you absolutely should, Dallin Nead and his team over at Content Supply is the only choice. My business will never be the same again.”

– Julie Stoian, Founder, Create Your Laptop Life and Funnel Gorgeous

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Frequently Asked Questions
Course Curriculum


Welcome to VIDEO CREATORS! >Watch this first. (5:31)
Course Downloads


The Content Supply Process (28:26)
Story Supply™: Brand Messaging
Video Fundamentals (11:18)
Video Strategy (19:03)
Video Workflow (18:44)
Content Team (4:34)


Video Resources (4:57)
Video Gear Solutions (16:03)
Video Review and Collaboration in Frame.io [coming soon]
Music Licensing (4:42)
Stock Licensing (4:14)


Video Production [Choosing a Camera] (5:08)
Lighting Your Videos (10:04)
Record Quality Audio [Microphones] (5:40)
How To Use A Teleprompter (10:31)
Planning B-Roll and Storyboards (3:06)
Design Your Video Studio (9:55)
On-Camera Skills (12:37)


Getting Started with Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro (17:20)
Add Captions To Videos In Adobe Premiere Pro (10:51)
Video Repurposing (58:02)
Color Correction (7:36)
Audio Effects and Transitions (9:16)
Video Editing Strategy (14:13)
Creating Video Titles (13:35)
Facebook Video Editing (30:00)
Video Review and Collaboration with Frame.io (4:41)
Instagram Video Editing (11:46)
Keyboard Shortcuts (5:29)
Sales Funnel Video Editing (20:37)
Online Course Video Editing (16:25)
Video Design (4:47)
Video Optimization (8:08)
Video Editing Workflow (13:20)
YouTube Video Editing (17:19)


Publishing Strategies (Organic) (5:13)
Marketing Strategies (Paid) (3:35)
Wrap Up + Final Thoughts (1:41)


BONUS: Know Love Trust Campaign (13:15)
Group Coaching Sessions (49:17)
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3 payments of $297/m

“I’ve seen all products and it says a lot about your team, products, creativity, and business strategies, and it’s incredible what results you deliver.”

– U.S. Marines Corp, II Corp Consultants

“I just can’t say enough good things about Dallin and Content Supply. If you’re thinking about doing video in your business just hire Dallin. I’ll definitely hire him again cause he just made everything super easy and really fun and profession. I love working with people where they own their zone of genius. It made my life a lot easier!”

– Adrienne Dorison, Co-Founder, Run Like Clockwork

Watch the full testimonial »

“I worked with Dallin on my batch video recording and I can’t recommend him enough. He was professional, innovative and a pleasure to work with. The final product was amazing and it’s obvious as soon as you start working with Dallin how much thought, care and innovation goes into his work.”

– Emily Hirsh, Founder, Hirsh Marketing
Your Instructor

Dallin Nead
Dallin Nead

Dallin Nead has been creating videos and marketing campaigns for 10+ years, serving many brands like Princess Cruises, U.S. Marine Corp., Teachable, Run Like Clockwork – using proven models to get amazing results. Producing different video styles for documentaries, live events, online courses, social media ads and more. He runs a video marketing agency called Content Supply in Los Angeles, CA and teaches video production and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve taken a video editing course before – how is this any different?
Video Creators does include video editing, yes. But video editing is just one step in the whole process of video creation. Without a strategic distribution plan, a customer research, messaging prep and more then the most beautifully-edited video will not work and get you the results you want.
I don’t plan to always edit my own videos, do I need this?
Simple answer, yes. If you’re already needing to create and edit your own videos because of budget limitations or just creative curiosity then why not invest in proven, professional methods used to produce millions of results in return. And, you’ll learn about empowering a content team so you can focus on your zone of genius throughout the whole video creation AND marketing process, be that editing, scripting, research, marketing or building the vision for the whole business. This is not just a course on simply creating videos!
What if I have questions during the program?
There will be opportunities to ask any question you want in the private community AND book an exclusive coaching call with me for further, personalized guidance if you’re one of the first Creators joining.
Who is this Dallin Nead guy and why should I even trust him?
Dallin is a video branding and marketing expert with over 10 years of experience building successful video marketing campaigns. He’s been hired to consult, plan, script, film, edit, produce and market for clients like Teachable, U.S. Marine Corp., Princess Cruises, Run Like Clockwork and many more. He’s also won awards, produced theatrically-released movies, traveled the world and had work featured on major publications (like Forbes) and TV channels. *So I totally just wrote this in third-person about myself ?

More Information: Please check more value courses here !

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