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Cyber Trading University – Power Trading 7 Cd Rar

This complete 7 CD set will help prepare you for a new career as a daytrader.  The lessons are easy to follow and navigate, so you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. 


  • Advanced Stock Trading Strategies – 2 Discs
  • Charting Strategies Stock Trading Disc
  • Introduction To Stock Market Trading Disc
  • Mirror the Dominant Market Makers Disc
  • Tradable and Non Tradable Stocks Disc
  • Trading Strategies Media Disc
Advanced Trading Strategies – 2 CD’s
  • Trading Techniques
  • How Market Makers hide behind ECNs & Instinet
  • Market maker traps
  • Live examples of Market Maker Traps
  • Finding Tradable and Non Tradable stocks
  • Identifying the Dominant Market Maker
  • Interpreting the Dominant Market Maker’s Intentions
  • Researching the historical activity of the Dominant MM
  • Entry points
  • Exit Strategies
  • Advanced Charting Strategies


  • The disadvantages of using an online broker
  • The Advantages of trading with Direct Access
  • The difference between the NYSE and the NASDAQ
  • The NASDAQ
  • The details of Level I & Level II
  • Understanding Market Makers and their importance
  • The execution systems of NASDAQ
  • Learning to use ECN and ECN Live
  • Understanding Select Net


  • Introduction to finding stock picks
  • Identifying Tradable stocks
  • Identifying Non Tradable stocks
  • Understanding the NASDAQ
  • Utilizing CNBC, Bloomberg and other financial news sources
  • Finding useful information on Yahoo financial
  • The top 10 list
  • Live examples of identifying  tradable and non tradable stocks


  • Level II data with Time and  Sales
  • Level II Time and Sales  –  Live examples
  • Understanding Market Makers / Brokerage Firms
  • Identifying the Dominant Market Maker
  • Mirror the dominant market maker
  • Researching the Dominant  Market  Maker’s history
  • Interpreting the Market  Makers interests and behavior
  • Identifying the Order takers and Order makers
  • Knowing the difference between the Order Takers & Order Makers
  • Many Live examples of the  scenario’s listed above


  • Reading charts and keeping it simple
  • Customizing your charts
  • Understanding Support and Resistance
  • Chart Types
  • 10 Day, 6 month, 1 year, 2 year charts
  • Live examples of Charting Strategies
  • Charting the Market  Makers
  • Live examples of Market  Makers activity on Level II


  • Customizing your Trading Platform Windows
  • Setting up your computer for best performance
  • Knowing what 2 elements are necessary to win the game
  • Choosing the best ECN to execute your trades
  • Controlling Profits & Losses
  • Holding a position overnight vs. not overnight
  • Responsibility as a Trader
  • The psychology of trading
  • Self discipline

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