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Curtis Stone – Profitable Urban Farming

I want to teach you how I earn $75k per year as an Urban Farmer.

All on ⅓ of an acre.

On land I don’t own.


Nope. Not at all.

And here’s the best part. You can do it, too.

My name is Curtis Stone and I am here to teach you how to become a successful Urban Farmer with my step-by-step Profitable Urban Farming course.


I used to be the classic struggling musician.

I spent my summers as a tree planter busting my butt in the summers to fund my music “career” the other nine months.

There was no fame, no fortune, no dream lifestyle, and definitely no meaningful contribution to my community. Only a crummy van, some decent venues, and a few good friends. I had plenty of fun, but I certainly wasn’t building a future towards anything meaningful. And the trouble was, I was ready to start building my future.

The challenge was, I just didn’t know what to do, to find meaning in my life.

Knowing that I needed to change course, I took the summer off to seek inspiration.

I decided to take a bike trip down the west coast of Canada and the US.

I met amazing people. I saw amazing things. And I was the fittest I had been since high school. After all, I was cycling 50 miles every day. It felt great.

Along the way, I stopped at a lot of organic farms.  I was inspired by all of the farmers  who shared my values for a better world, and were actually making a living based on those very values.

By the time I reached San Diego, I resolved to start an Urban Farm in my hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Upon arriving home, it was fall, and time to make my urban farm a reality.

Knowing I wanted to get a farm started, I immediately became overwhelmed by everything there was to do.

After all, I had never grown a single vegetable, let alone sold anything.

I’ll repeat that…

I had no experience growing vegetables. None. And really, had never sold a thing. Nor wanted to.

Was I overwhelmed?



For sure.

Had a fear of failing?

You bet.

And worst of all, I just didn’t know where to start.

Fall turned to winter and I read every book I could get my hands on, went to workshops, and watched every YouTube video on Urban Farming. I tried to learn everything I could.

When springtime came around, I got my first piece of land, and started working, and working, and working.  And working some more.

I invested all of the money I had saved from my tree planting work, roughly $11,000.

I bought a rototiller, seeds, and a few other tools. Before long, I was growing my own produce.

I was thrilled to hold a tomato that I grew in my hands.

Before long, I was selling at the local farmer’s market, to the people in my community, and a few restaurants in town.

It felt great. I finally felt like I had a sense of purpose.

Before long, the initial excitement wore off, and the sense of overwhelm was back.

I was working 80 hour weeks and there was still more work to be done.

There just wasn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.

As soon as the heat of the summer hit, I hit a wall.  Hard.  I was burnt out.  On multiple occasions, I got so sick from being overworked that I threw up and had to take the following days off.

Something needed to change.

The problem? I had drive but no business savvy. I was working hard, but not smart.

At the end of that first season, I grossed $17,476. Pretty good for my first season doing something I had never done before, but then I calculated my hourly wage.

$1.45 an hour.


Take that in for a moment.

I had worked every waking moment the entire season and only earned $1.45 an hour.

Winter came, the snow fell, and I wanted to quit.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I resolved to make this work.

I knew there had to be a way to make this work.

It was time to measure what I was managing. Make every effort, every moment, and every action count.

It was time to go back to the drawing board, create a clean slate, and learn from experience.

Not my experience obviously, but those who had been down this path before me.

It was time to invest in my business education. I needed teachers to teach me… I needed a mentor.

I sought out mentors with experience that I could learn from.

Mentors who had lost money, made mistakes, and now were successful.

I met successful farmers and watched how they approached their businesses. Specifically, how they spent their time.

They did very counterintuitive things.  They worked less and earned more.

They taught me to value my time more than anything else.

The next season, I employed their tactics.  Using their philosophy, I changed my approach drastically.

And it worked.

In my second season I earned $61,540!  It was incredible.

Now in Year Two, I was paying myself well for my long hours and hard work.

Over the next several years, I refined my methods to where I now not only make a great living, but I also work great hours.

Other aspiring farmers started asking for my help. They wanted to know how they could achieve the same success that I had found.

I became the mentor for them that I wish I had when I started.

They increased their income, decreased their expenses, and worked less.

The messages poured in.

Aspiring farmers were sending in their tales of success: They had more time with their families, more connection with their community, and were more profitable than ever before.

In growing vegetables, I unexpectedly found a new passion, a love for mentoring new farmers on their path to success.

I’m here to help you.

Together with Luke Callahan, of Local Business Plans, we have filmed, written, edited, and provided a detailed step-by-step course aimed at one goal:

To make you profitable in your first year of farming. And every year moving forward.

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

I’ve lost money. I’ve bought bad seeds, wasted money on irrigation equipment, developed poorly worded land contracts, and been burned by non-paying chefs… and I’ve learned from it all.

These are all mistakes that you don’t need to make.

I recently ran the numbers and realized that I’ve spent over $54,400 and 5 years of my life getting my farm to where it is today: A Profitable Urban Farm!

This course is all of my experience condensed into a step-by-step path that you can follow to create your own success, in a fraction of the time it took me.

And it won’t cost you $54,400.

This course takes the feeling of overwhelm, fear, lack of knowledge, out of the equation for you and replaces it with the very best information to pair with your drive, to make a Profitable Urban Farm.

We can’t give you drive.  You will need to find that within yourself.  And when you do, we will help you to create a life that you love, while making money, and becoming an asset to your community.

Instead of struggling through your first year, working long hours, burning out, and wanting to quit while earning $1.45/hour, you can learn this system and become profitable in your first season.

No burn out. No wasting time in the field. And no throwing up.

But if you do trip up along the way, we are here for you.

You’ve got the drive, and we’ve got the step-by-step path for you to follow.

Let’s get started together.

5 Reasons to become an urban farmer
1. You can make a great living for yourself

The demand for high quality, locally produced food has never been greater. Restaurants will pay top dollar to get their produce from you. It is the perfect time to get started and take advantage of the opportunity to earn a great living for yourself.
2. It’s a great lifestyle

I’ve never been more excited to get up in the morning and get to work. Everyday is different, you get to be your own boss, spend your days outside working with the land. Beyond the daily routine, the community that forms around you is something you’ll never understand until it happens to you. It’s such a special thing.
3. You don’t need to own your own land

I turn down offers to farm other people’s land weekly. Once you get started and show people what their yard can look like, you’ll have more land than you know what to do with, and all for the price of a weekly share of veggies. The important thing is to get started on that first piece of land and show others what you can do.
4. Positioning in your community as a leader

Soon people in your community will look to you for guidance, and not just with their gardens. Because urban farming seems so unconventional, (it’s not) people will be in awe at what you’ve been able to accomplish and want your help in creating success for themselves.
5. Lots of additional opportunities

By starting an urban farm, you are planting your flag and showing the world exactly what you believe in. People will take notice, and soon you’ll be interviewed on the local news, radio, and blogs. Other entrepreneurs in the community will want to create businesses with you. You’ll have no shortage of other opportunities to take on, if you want them.

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