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Craig Garber – Seductive Selling

It has..

“47 Ways To Push Your Prospects Emotional ‘Buy-Buttons’ And Get Rich Along The Way” 185-page manual

5-DVD’s containing 4 ½ hours of LIVE step-by-step detailed sales copy critiques and reviews of 20 Classic Direct-Response Ads..”

20 Classic Direct-Response Ads, including 2 ads I was paid $40,000 Dollars to write..”

1-Hour Audio CD Interview..”

Transcript of the Audio CD Interview..

2004’s Tales From The Throne..”

And more about the book:

First, you’ll get The Seductive Selling™ System Manual itself, called “47 Ways To Push Your Prospects Emotional ‘Buy-Buttons’ And Get Rich Along The Way”, which is stuffed with 185-pages of no-nonsense information, snugly bound into a 2-inch 3-ring binder!

There is no “fluff” in this book, no half-page of actual information, and a half-page of blank space for “notes” — no siree. All you have is eye-opening secrets about HOW to push every possible emotional buy-button you can think of, along with stories showing you WHEN and WHY to use them. In fact, there are actually 52 emotional buy-buttons covered in this manual, organized into 47 separate chapters.

And each chapter contains AT LEAST 3 specific examples of actual sales copy you can use for that particular situation, or… 3 specific unique selling formulas or complete marketing campaign ideas you can start utilizing the very same day you lay your eyes on this. And in the hands of ANYONE with even half a brain, this means MONEY. Instant money, if you take fast-action. Proven ideas you can swap out and easily copy. Here is just some of the information you can look forward to getting your hands on, inside this manual.

To summarize: The book is a tell-all on pushing your prospects emotional buy-buttons (hot buttons) and stir them into a feeding frenzy for your product or service. It contains examples you can swipe and implement in your own campaigns immediately.

OH, I forgot to say, this is the deluxe version which includes the audio cds with transcripts.

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