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Chuck Smith – Quick Cash Ultimate Real Estate Investment System



By Chuck Smith

This Really is The Ultimate Real Estate Investing System!

“How a Bankrupt Broke Street Cop With Only a High School Education and No Prior Business Experience Made More Than $500,000, Cash In Hand, Part-Time in Real Estate…
And How You Can Too!
If You Follow His Trademarked System!
Look at what you will discover when you get my system:
Secrets of Wholesaling Properties System. I’ll show you the secret of selling ugly houses fast and quick. You don’t have to invest a lot of money repairing a house to get it sold. I’ll show you how to move a dump and still make 5, 10, or even $15,000聽 dollars. Heck, I made $150,000 my first year doing this alone.

Getting The Deed / Fast Turning The Deed. If you want to buy and sell houses and all you know how to do is wholesaling, you’re throwing away 70% of your income. As I said, I made $150,000 my first year in the business, but I could have made a lot more because I had blinders on only doing wholesaling. When you work this part of the business, you will have no competition. I am talking about nice houses in great neighborhoods that are in move-in condition. Nothing can boost your income like pretty houses. I have learned that the way to make money in Real Estate is to become a transaction engineer. I teach you how to not only get the deed and have seller pay you to take the house but I teach you to Quick turn the Deed. Nowhere else is this taught because I trademarked this technique.

My 911 Marketing System For Real Estate Investors. This trademarked system will show you how to get all the motivated sellers to come to you. You will have more deals than you can handle. You can then simply cherry pick the most profitable deals. I am good at getting motivated sellers to come to me. A big mistake Real Estate investors make is chasing down sellers and trying to motivate them. I don’t do that and neither will you.

My Building And Cultivating A Buyers List System. 90% of most people go the wrong way when selling a house. They first find a house, buy it, and then they try to sell it. That is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! That’s why I developed my Buyers List System. Instead of try to find buyers for houses that nobody wants, I show you how to find houses for buyers who are ready to buy. You know the exact kind of houses they are looking for. You know exactly the kind of areas they want to live in. All you do is match them up and pocket your profits. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Tough Cop Contractor Management System庐. This system will show you how to locate and retain qualified contractors that will do your work for a fair price. You don’t have to worry about getting beat up by the contractors any more. In fact I have four forms in my system that when used, force the contractor to be honest. I’ll show you how estimating repairs can be put on autopilot using the 7 forms included. I’ll also show how to keep your contractors in line so that they finish on time and within budget.

Retailing For High Profits System. Retailing pretty houses is where the big money is in real estate. But, it’s also the hardest. I’ve seen more real estate investors go out of business on their first deal because of this complicated matter. But, that won’t be you. I show you the inside tricks of retailing and soon you’ll be able to make huge profits without all the headaches.

Seller Financing System. There is no better financing than seller financing. We will cover it all, including lease options.

Private Lender System. I’ve been told by many of my students that this system alone is worth ten times the cost of the course. There are a few other gurus teaching how to raise private funds. WARNING: What they are teaching will actually get you into hot water! On such guru was served with a “Cease And Desist” order from the Securities and Exchange Commission. I will take you step-by-step and you will be on autopilot. I’ll show you how to raise all the money you need to buy your houses. I’ll show you how to tap into millions of dollars that can be available for your use. Can you imagine having access to an almost unlimited source of finding? Can you imagine anybody else being able to compete with you? Look at my proof of funds letter below. I got $540,000 in 3 weeks. I then went on to raise over one million in 3 months. I will even show you how to use the Yellow Pages to find all of the private lenders you will need. I will also teach you how to wholesale a house to yourself, pick up a check for 5,000 on the buying end, and then pick up another check when you sell the house. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Setting Up Your Own Business System. I will show you how to conduct your real estate business without all the overhead that many others go through. I operate my business out of an 8 X 10 room in my house. I’ll show you how to do the same thing too. You don’t need a secretary. You don’t need a staff. You don’t need an organization. I’ll show you all you need to keep your business small and profitable.

Fast Turning Luxury Homes: I will guide you through this technique where you will make large sums of money with little or no risk what so ever.1

My Asset Protection System. You’ll learn how to protect your wealth from the bottom feeders and their scum-sucking attorneys. You will learn the truth about Land Trusts, Corporations, and more. This will enable you to instruct your attorney exactly on how it needs to be done. I’ll show you how you can get all the legal help you need for just $50.00 per month. If I had this I wouldn’t have lost over one million dollars.

About Chuck Smith:
Chuck Smith of Cleveland, Ohio is a former street cop who retired after a distinguished career of 15 years.

While working a full time job, Chuck began investing in his off duty hours building a net worth of over one million dollars within 11 months. Chuck began Quick Turning houses and was earning over $500,00 from a part time business. Chuck went on to develop his own trademarked strategies that he uses to Quick Turn 12 houses per month at an average profit of $10,000 each.

Chuck has quick turned over 1720 houses in 10 years and has been the principal in over 3440 real estate transactions. Chuck Smith has been called the “Donald Trump of Quick Turn Real Estate” and has earned the praise of well known gurus such as best selling author Brian Tracey who says “To say Chuck Smith and his system are impressive would be an understatement”.

Chuck Smith has spoken to audiences of 20,000 people and has shared the stage with Donald Trump, NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Robert Kyosaki. The Learning Annex says “Over 21,000 people attended our Real Estate Expo in NYC Oct 2004. We had world class instructors like Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani that taught there… but the #1 rated instructor was a remarkable real estate genius named Chuck Smith…” Chuck has appeared on TV and has been a guest on over 50 radio stations across the USA.

Chuck has successful students all over the United States and in many other countries including England, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and Bermuda. Chuck Smith’s system is the most complete, step by step, effective, realistic, profit generating system available, bar none! Chuck has appeared on TV and articles about him have been in numerous newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Chuck is a much in demand National speaker and recently authored a book entitled “From Cop To CEO”.

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