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Chanti Zak – Grow With Quizzes

If there was a surefire way to create an interactive, empathy driven lead magnet that built connection AND generated higher conversions across the board…

… would you finally feel confident in your ability to grow the freedom fueling online business you know is possible?

Sink or soar question for digital entrepreneurs and service providers that want a growing email list, way more impact (+ income to match) but struggle to consistently generate high-quality + affordable leads

A thousands times yes you would (and you should), here’s why:

Today’s lead generation strategies just don’t cut the camembert.

That free guide or checklist PDF that you worked so hard to create likely lives in a dead sea of unopened downloads on thousands of hard drives around the world.

Webinar leads cost you a pretty penny so you’re smart to wonder — what happened to the 75% of people who didn’t show up? Or the 95% of people who didn’t buy?

When you do get new subscribers, you struggle to know who they are beyond their name and email.

(I mean, we marketers are notorious for forgetting that a lead = a human *freaking* being that came to you for a reason!)

You create new lead magnets and cross your fingers that they’ll convert

You pour more money into FB ads and hold your breath for ROI

You survey your list and *try* your best to segment. Because word on the street is segmentation is the new black, right?

you’re “supposed” to:

So you do what

MORE LEADS: helloooooo, internet gods! There are more than 3 billion people and thousands more each day with access to your offers. Pretty sure you can catch a few thousand of those a month.

MORE SALES: your current lead magnets and funnels aren’t generating the sales you want. You know you can do better, and it starts at the top of your funnel. With a lead magnet that segments and helps you better understand your audience from the very beginning.

MORE IMPACT: the most important part of this whole equation is your ability to reach the people who need you most. To cut through the noise and resonate with them on a level that creates connection and trust from the get go.

you know you’re capable of more…

In the end

Mama Coach and Founder of In Essence Coaching

– Alexandra Hughes

“My quiz has made the biggest difference in growing my community out of everything I’ve ever done in 3 years of building my business. I’m just so grateful for your brain, Chanti!

In the beginning of April I had just under 2,000 subscribers. By May is was up to 3,000. Plus I’m getting these amazing conversion rates. With my small Facebook ads budget, it’s wonderful to be getting leads for between .50-1.00. It’s also been an amazing way to grow my Facebook community. The conversion rate for my quiz is 61.4% and almost 4,500 mamas have taken it!

The experience working with Chanti was so EASY. But seriously, this resonates so well with my people. Everyone talks about how it’s so right on and how grateful they are to have this resource that gives them more clarity and awareness. It’s a perfect first step for them.”

Alexandra Hughes grew her list more in the 2 weeks after launching her quiz than she did in the entire 3 years she’d been running her coaching business

Catch your lead gen updraft now

… all. on. Autopilot.

Spending way less on ads

Building your authority, positioning yourself as an expert, and spreading your signature methodology and unique approach far and wide

Learning about who your audience is and how you can best help them

Creating an interactive lead acquisition process that results in genuine engagement and increased conversions across the board

And dare I say you want all of the above while also…

(Highlights include: using proven paths and modern principles to get to the top of the mountain faster)

Your trail guide (me!) would never lie to you, the beginning of this trek is steep for some — but with help, it’s doable.

And your view from the top? Worth every intentional step it takes to get there.

Yours is the road less travelled, it’s a trek that only forward thinking business owners committed to creating success for the long haul embark on.

Along the way you’ll learn to ask the right questions, to create a high level of interactivity, and you’ll gain a business altering perspective that will forever impact how you attract and convert leads in a way that’s impact driven, effective, and scalable.

The Interactive Marketing Top O’ the Mountain Trek



(Highlights include: twists, turns, swampy waters, stagnation, and mystery, ooo!)

You’ll start on this path by comparing yourself to everyone else along the way. Take the “safe” route.

Leads? Just do what the internet marketing gurus have been recommending since 2007. Give value. Easy. Keep walking.

Don’t look back, somebody’s coming up behind you doing the exact same thing.

Don’t look forward! There’s big changes ahead. Digital swamp monsters that could eat your business alive.

Just stay the course, cross your fingers, and hope to make it out on the other side, to a land where leads land in your lap like Jason Momoa’s weekly bag of fan mail.

The Old Growth Fear Forest



Mother of Dragons! That All Sounds Way Too Good to be True… But It’s Real, Here’s How:

As an online business owner in 2019, there are 2 trails you can choose to walk down starting right now…

If you’re venturing into the Old Growth Fear Forest, this is your stop


If you’re a forward thinking online business owner ready for consistent leads and all the perks that come along with that, keep reading…

Here’s what you need to know:

If I were to put on my traditional marketer hat I’d pose in front of a lambo and sell you the idea that only 3 things really matter in the online biz game: traffic, leads, and sales.

But it’s not really that simple, is it?

When it comes to lead generation, you’ve gotta stand out. You need something that’s compelling, relevant, and super valuable to your ideal client or customer. But even that’s not enough.

To truly stand out in a crowded feed, inbox, or calendar, here’s what you really need:

Welcome to the lead generation revolution, my fine friend.

With a quiz, you’re promising more than just blanket statement advice or yet another distraction. You’re promising a specific solution based on your ideal clients or customers unique characteristics, circumstance, level of experience, or desire.

With a personalized promise, you’re playing to people’s desire to be understood. In a digital world where making your audience feel seen and heard is as rare as an albino peacock, this is a major advantage.

A Personalized Promise

Quizzes are just the beginning of a whole new revolution currently taking place in the marketing stratosphere. The stats don’t lie, interactive content is up to 80% more effective at holding people’s attention than static.

Attention and trust are the 2 most important currencies you have as an online business — quizzes help you capture both.

The truth is, an engaged subscriber is a buying subscriber. Wouldn’t it be peachy if the leads landing in your inbox were already invested in engaging with you? If you’d already provided them with insights into their own lives? Chaaa!

An Engaging & Interactive Process

What’s better than a lead magnet that turns your new subscribers into brand ambassadors from pretty much the moment they sign up? The average quiz gets shared 1900 times, you just can’t say that about any other type of lead magnet.

Built In Virality

These 3 things result in far greater organic traction, higher engagement, better conversions, and lower cost per lead than any other lead magnet there is. (I know — I’ve tried them ALL).

I’m not talking about a pointlessly shallow Buzzfeed quiz.

I’m not even talking about what passes as a lead generation quiz in most digital marketing circles.

There’s crazy conversion potential in doing quizzes right that 99% of marketers have no idea how to tap into — but I’ve cracked the code. And I’m going to share it with you…

You add a well engineered lead generation quiz to the top of your sales funnel…


“How do I get in on this magic!?”

Great question, you smart cookie, you.

People love learning more about themselves, answering questions, and getting personalized feedback — it’s part of the reason why quizzes (even sh*tty ones) are some of the top performing content on the internet.

They never get old. Pair that with the conversion boosting power of interactive content and voila, digital technology to the many-hatted business owners rescue!

A lead gen strategy that combines the power of human psychology with that of interactive content.

No more annoying ‘click here if this describes you’ emails that only 25% of your list opens. You’ll know exactly who’s who and how to best serve them.

An asset that allows you to segment your new leads at the top of your funnel — without them feeling like they’re being segmented.

The only limit here is your ability to get creative and ask the right questions. Learning more about your audience will no longer sit untouched on your to-do list. You’ll be using your insights to craft the perfect offers to send to the perfect people at the perfect time.

Ongoing insight into who’s in your audience, what they struggle with, what they really want, and so much more.

Before I spill all my hard-earned quiz secrets, let’s take a look at some of the other

Fringe benefits

You’ll get with a lead generation quiz…

What happens when generating high-quality leads

is no longer an issue?

Success is scarier than failure. It’s the real unknown. We all know what hitting bottom looks and feels like. What most people don’t know is what it feels like to actually attain your dreams.

Let’s ditch the depersonalization of marketing for a hot sec’ and just get real. Leads are just people.

People who hate cilantro (weirdos…), people who collect vintage scarves, people who binge watch just as much Netflix as you, people with dreams, desires, and problems.

The more people you attract into your sphere of influence who you can genuinely help — the greater your ability to not just make more money, but to inspire a ripple effect of positive change.

When you’ve got a consistent influx of new leads, it changes your life AND the lives of others

Suddenly, the fear of scarcity that’s always felt so paralyzing dissipates.

You’re free to slowly back away from your laptop and go for froyo or to jump on a plane for a laptop free vacay in Santorini without fear of everything exploding.

You’re free to hang out in your zone of genius instead of constantly being pulled in 17 different directions.

You’re free to release the underlying anxiety you’ve felt in your gut about lead generation and finally feel at ease and confident that your future self and business will be taken care of.

But what I’m talking about here is more than just a highly-effective lead magnet.

It’s about having a holistic system that attracts and converts qualified leads — all while nurturing your audience and making sure they feel seen, heard, and understood. So you can make the impact you’re here to make with time left over to create forward momentum doing what you love.

Before I tell you just how powerful a quiz can be in your business, let’s pop some preconceived belief bubbles you might find yourself blowing…

The 3 Myths Stopping You from Attracting and Converting Qualified Leads Using Quizzes

Quizzes ARE fun. That’s why they’re the top performing content for huge brands like the New York Times and Buzzfeed (psst… they can be your top performing content too).

Who ever said you can’t mix fun and money? You most definitely can. And you should. But here’s the thing, even if your quiz is on the serious side, what you’re giving people isn’t just a pointless exercise to pass the time.

You’re giving them detailed insights into their personalities. You’re showing them the parallels between your area of expertise and their life. You’re meeting people where they’re at and making them feel seen, supported, and understood in a way that no other lead magnet can.

Your ideal clients won’t spend a penny until they trust you and know that you get them. Your quiz can be fun and effective. You’ve got the conversion boosting power of interactive content and the psychology of persuasion all built into one powerful, fun system.

“Quizzes are for fun, not for profit.”


Owner of The Contract Shop

Christina Scalera

“I’ve gotten so many responses of humor and delight — people telling me they haven’t literally laughed out loud at a quiz ever, but they did with this one. That kind of experience is something you just can’t put a price on, because it builds trust and understanding in an automated way that converts into customers. There is no one that understands the psychology of quizzes like Chanti.”

Christina Scalera uses her quiz to build trust and understanding, resulting in an automated way to convert followers into customers

Most online quizzes suck.

But it’s nobody’s fault, really. The model we have for a good quiz is based on Buzzfeed, a website whose sole goal is to drive traffic. When your goal is lead generation you have to create a different model.

One that’s 100 times less click baity and 1000 times more value driven. One that’s intentionally designed to serve your audience and ultimately, help you sell more of your life changing courses, products, or services.

A lot of business owners who give quizzes a chance do so without a proper framework. They approach it with the same attitude as someone taking a ‘Which Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Are You?’ quiz — the attitude of ‘meh, it’s just a quiz. I’ll give it a shot.” And then, shocker, the results are subpar.

With my proven framework, you’ll do far more than just get people craving ice cream.

“Most online quizzes don’t seem very effective and I’ve even heard they produce low quality leads.”


Low cost per lead


builds connection

Easy to create

Converts well from lead to buyer

Viral potential













Lead Magnet Type

Free consult

There’s more to that chart than meets the eye, because what I can’t explain with checkmarks is that a quiz not only converts better than most lead magnets, it also helps you learn about you audience and effortlessly segment your list.

It’s true, a really great quiz and the funnel that it fuels, take effort. But the payoff compared to a free guide, a checklist, or even a webinar, is nothing to blink at.

Take a look at this handy-dandy chart that compares quizzes to every other lead magnet:

“It’s too much effort to create a quiz when I could just write a free guide or host a webinar to grow my list.”


Former Director of Marketing and Expansion for Panache Desai, Affiliate Manager at Sounds True

Babe Hoffarber

“Her quizzes made a huge difference in our lead generation endeavors. We got huge results—better conversions, tons of new leads, and funnels that actually made sense. If you get the chance to work with her, DO IT. She’s THAT good!”

Panache Desai attracted over 10,000 new leads with just a $500 ad spend

While everybody else is busy using the same static tactics they’ve always used, you have the ability to cut through the noise.

The truth is, interactive marketing is the future and quizzes are here to stay. With today’s technology you’ll segment your leads from the get go, helping you use psychology to your advantage and giving you a chance to send out specialized infotainment and offers to people at the right phase of their buyer’s journey.

And the best part? A well crafted quiz makes your lead feel something. They’ll want to share it with all of their internet buddies. And it’s that shareability that’ll make your lead magnet viral and help you get awesome ROI.

Using the Grow with Quizzes curriculum, you’ll learn exactly how to create a quiz funnel that converts like the chocolate covered frozen bananas I brought to a potluck last night.

Here’s why NOW is the best time to create a quiz for your online biz

Who is this GoT obsessed banana lady preaching quizzes far and wide?

Meet Chanti

Otherwise known as the Quiz Funnel Queen — First of Her Name, Mother of Quizzes, Breaker of Lames, Lady Regnant of the Funnel Kingdoms (please tell me you watch Game of Thrones?)

Hey there! I’m Chanti and if you haven’t guessed already, I’m straight up obsessed with quizzes, funnels, digital marketing, and the power that ambitious individuals have to build businesses doing what they love. I’ve been obsessed with learning more about myself and the world around me (seriously, you should see my bookshelf) for forever.

Even though most people think it’s totally random, it’s no surprise to me that quizzes and empathy driven marketing are my love language.

I stumbled upon the lead generation power of quizzes while working full-time for a spiritual development company. None of the lead magnets we used moved the dial (and we tried everything) — until I tried my hand at creating a quiz. In just one month we generated 10,000 new leads with a $500 ad spend and from there on out, I was hooked.

Nowadays I create connection and conversion driven quiz funnels to help online brands get brag worthy results. I LOVE what I do.

trusted by:

Getting feedback like this lights me up:

Trish Taylor

“The quiz is amazing!! We’ve added almost 800 people into the list in just about a week, at about $0.60 a lead! YOU are a Quiz creating Goddess! Could not be happier… and I am getting a great response and high open rates. Everything is even better than I could have imagined.”

Personal Stylist + Course Creator

The only problem? There’s just one of me. When I first started writing quizzes, I charged $600. Today, I charge $5,000+. Supply and demand is pretty crazy in my neck of the interwebs as you can see!

But I’ll be honest with you, I’m a chronic people pleaser. I hate saying no almost as much as I hate birds. I knew I had to find a way to share this incredible framework and process with as many brands and businesses as possible, at a rate far lower than hiring me 1:1.

I’ve developed a proven quiz funnel framework and methodology to help business owners like yourself create a quiz for your biz that does way more heavy lifting than your average lead magnet.

Can you guess how freaking excited I am to share it with you?!

More excited than a 2-year-old who just had cotton candy for the first time

More excited than the HBO execs waiting for the GoT final season payday

More excited than a bunch of Canadians in May when the sun finally comes out and the ground warms up and the crocuses start popping their heads through the soil . . .






Ready to get excited with me?


A step-by-step program with everything you need to launch a high-converting connection driven quiz that turns your ideal clients into red hot leads!


You’re about to learn how to create a powerful system that’ll attract your dream clients and customers.

No more fruitlessly creating subpar lead magnets or paying crazy amounts of money for webinar registrants that don’t even show up.

No more wondering where your next client or customer will come from.

No more doing what everyone else is doing. You’re ready to stand out, get results, and create a lead generation system that goes above and beyond what 99% of online business owners are putting into the world.

I’m sharing the same system I’ve used to help 37 of my private clients effortlessly attract and convert more qualified leads than they ever thought possible.

Course Creator and Photographer

Jenna Kutcher

“I love Chanti more than Mac ‘n Cheese! Haha, seriously this woman has helped me effortlessly grow my email list by more than 100,000 people in the last year alone. If what the gurus say is true and every lead should add $1 to your bottom line every month, well DANG — we just hit the jackpot.

Chanti simplified the entire process, created a quiz that is “freakishly accurate” and puts it together like Hogwarts magic. I love sharing the quizzes because it allows me to serve and show up for my people in bigger, better ways while connecting them with the perfect offers they simply can’t deny! Seeing the feedback from my audience makes my heart so happy and I can’t wait to create more quizzes as my company expands!”

“This woman has helped me effortlessly grow my email list by more than 100,000 people in the last year alone.”

Here’s the full scoop on what you’ll get inside Grow with Quizzes:

Going from lead to customer doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. This phase is all about intentionally creating a big picture vision for your quiz funnel that makes sense for your business.

You’ll learn how to come up with a compelling (highly click-worthy and shareable) quiz topic that your ideal clients and customers will go Jon Snow over.

But what happens next? We’ll dive deep to map out the buyer’s journey your audience will embark on after they take your quiz.

Knowing your quiz funnel fundamentals will give you the confidence and motivation you need to tackle all the moving pieces with ease. After this phase, you’ll feel clear and ready to create and launch your connection + conversion driven quiz funnel.

Quiz Funnel FUNdamentals



Here’s a glimpse at what we’ll cover:

The Above and Beyond Framework for a Quiz that Converts Like Cray Cray

At the risk of sounding like your judgmental great Aunt Mildred, most online quizzes really don’t live up to their potential. They miss the mark and therefore miss the opportunity for creating authentic connection and increased conversions. But not your quiz, my friend.

This lesson will walk you through the framework I’ve spent years developing. You’ll learn how to create a quiz funnel that exceeds your audience’s expectations and leaves them asking the almighty thought — “if this is the amount of care they put into their marketing, I can’t wait to see how well crafted their product /course/etc is . . .

The Fast-Track & The Long Game: How to Get Quick ROI and Sustainably Scale Your Impact for Long-Term Leverage

I want you to experience near instant gratification when you launch your quiz. You’ve played the waiting game long enough. Short-term gains are only part of the big picture. Real results come from playing the long game. What’s more important is that you play the long-game too.

In this lesson, we’ll cover both how to create a cash injection to boost your momentum after you launch your quiz AND we’ll create a long-game plan so you can create more leverage over time.

The Simple Quiz System to Know Exactly Who, What, and Why to Segment

Segmentation trips even the most advanced marketers up, but it doesn’t have to. It’s actually pretty simple — and when you’re one of the brave few that knows how to use it effectively, you’ll be rewarded with higher open rates, lower unsubscribes, better conversions, and an all around better understanding of your audience.

In this lesson, I’ll share my foolproof process for coming up with a segmentation strategy that works for your business. If the word segmentation alone has made you shudder with fear in the past, consider the spell lifted.

What Type of Quiz Should You Create?

I have a quiz on this exact topic, but here, we’re going deep. If you’re still unsure about what type of quiz will work best for you, this lesson will break down the pros and cons of each type and leave you feeling clear and ready to move forward.

Developing and Incorporating Your Stand Out Signature Process Throughout Your Quiz Funnel

Thought leadership is a combination of consistency and a signature process, message, or skill that stands out. I’m willing to bet that even if you don’t *think* you have these things, you do.

This training will help you identify your signature process and walk you through how to bake it into your quiz to position yourself as a thought leader in your space.

Facebook + IG Ads Expert, Course Creator, and Host of the Art of Paid Traffic Podcast

Rick Mulready

“Our quiz instantly added another fun way to generate leads and segment the people who came into the business. It proved an amazing new strategy for list building in a fun, non-traditional way. More leads came in and it showed benefits from a lead-cost perspective. I was really happy with the results.”



Crafting Engaging + Impactful Questions to Create Viral Quiz Results

Once we’ve mapped out your big picture game plan, chosen a quiz topic, and figured out a segmentation strategy, it’s time to write the thing . . . Dun dun dunnnn!

Fear not, dear friend, you’ll have access to all of my templates in addition to the thorough trainings included in this phase. By the end, you’ll walk away with your quiz fully completed and polished to perfection.

Even if you do nothing else in this course *sidenote: that would make me a sad panda! — this module alone is worth the cost of admission.

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ll cover:

Writing Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Writing quizzes is NOT straightforward. A lot of my clients and students have tried doing it on their own, only to get stuck somewhere along the way. I’ll teach you how to approach the writing process so there’s zero confusion.

We’ll cover how your questions connect to your results, what to write first, and I’ll share some of my fave time-saving tips that I’ve learned from writing dozens of quizzes.

The Threefold Approach to Questions that Engage, Segment, and Inform

Once you know what goes into a great question, I’ll show you how to make them work harder for you. Your questions can serve more than one purpose when you approach them with these 3 goals in mind.

How to Ask Questions Your Audience Will *Want* to Answer

Have you ever taken a quiz or assessment only to feel like the questions you’re answering are less engaging than the intake form you fill out at the doctor’s office?

There’s this famous quote by Tony Robbins “the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.” The quality of your quiz, the results people get, the information you get, and your completion rate is all determined by the quality of your questions. And I’m going to teach you how to ask questions that matter.

Bonus — asking great questions is a skill that’ll serve you well beyond the confines of your quiz funnel (just ask Tony ).

Creating Connection Driven Quiz Results That Exceed Expectations

There’s a big difference between quizzes that make people cry happy tears and quizzes that piss people off for wasting their time. Memorable quizzes give actual value with their questions and results.

Give your audience highly relevant, actionable, and relatable results, and what you get in return is the foundation for know, like, and trust to flourish.

During this lesson, I’ll show you how to create quiz results that make a lasting impression, get shared like crazy (!!!), and that inspire your audience to take action.

Optional Additions to Make Your Results Work Harder for You

One of the questions I always ask myself is “how can I make this even better?” — I apply that question to my life, my business, my famous popcorn recipe, everything.

Asking that question has helped me come up with a few impact boosting hacks for getting even more goodness out of your quiz results and that’s what this lesson is all about.

Owner, Designer, and Copywriter at Tonic Site Shop

Jen Olmstead

“Thanks to Chanti’s wise and magical help with our quiz, we had our highest converting promo yet, and by far the most effective lead magnet we’ve ever had.

And would you believe we barely even made it happen? At the last minute, we decided to do a quiz, worked with Chanti to help develop something that felt true to our brand, designed the results at 1 am and had it launched the next day. 2,000+ new subscribers later, we’re pretty glad we went for it!

Since we learned in our last big launch that 80% of our buyers were already on our email list, we know a healthy email list is truly our greatest asset.”

Jen Olmstead of Tonic Site Shop added over 2,000 new subscribers within two months of launching her quiz, and generated over $20,000 in sales (without paying for ads!)

Transformational Teacher & Intuitive Business Strategist

Ingrid Arna

“I came up with a really good idea and then Chanti really took it and really developed it even more. If you have the opportunity to work with Chanti, absolutely do it!”

“She is getting me 5000 new leads every single month!”



Your Foolproof Follow-Up for Converting Leads to Customers

You’ve created your quiz, and you’ve come up with a strategy for what’s going to happen after people take it, so what’s next? A follow-up framework — designed to capture people’s attention and shift them from unaware to hyper-aware — that shows them why you’re the right person (or business!) to help them solve their problem.

We’ll move through the stages of the buyer’s journey, the belief paradigms you need to shift, how to develop trust and intimacy, and we’ll look at what each part of this process looks like in action.

I’m sharing the same strategies I’ve used to help my clients generate hundreds of thousands of buckaroos on the flip side of their quiz funnels.

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ll cover:

The First Impression Formula for a Binge-Worthy Welcome Sequence

A huge mistake people make with lead generation quizzes (or any lead magnet) is not having a solid welcome sequence where your new subscribers can go to learn more about how you roll. That ends here.

I’m sharing the exact process I used for clients and charge a pretty penny for so that your new leads will feel more nurtured than if they were to spend the weekend at Martha Stewart’s house hanging with Snoop Dog.

Your High-Performing Sales Sequence 101

After the welcome sequence, it’s time to make dat money. Full disclosure: this could be an entire course by itself, but I didn’t want to leave to important stone unturned. I’ll be sharing the strategies I’ve learned from writing 6-figure sales sequences and how you can apply them to your business so that your quiz leads convert into sales.

Business Coach

Becky Keen

“Before working with Chanti on my quiz funnel I was stuck trying to find a lead magnet that really worked. I wasn’t sure a quiz funnel would either to be honest. It was a big investment but in the end it paid for itself and more within just one week of going live. I’ve been getting so many responses from people who are in love with my quiz (and subsequently ME!) and I couldn’t be happier.”

Becky Keen launched her signature quiz and within the first week sold a $5k retreat, a $7500 coaching package, and booked a handful of calls with hella qualified leads…



Creating Widespread Attention and Consistent Conversions with Your Quiz + Beyond

Once you’ve got your quiz all set and your follow-up sequences standing at the ready, it’s time to add a very important element to the mix… traffic.

This is a big topic and one that you’ll be able to apply to the other areas of your business as well. We’ll cover different traffic strategies from organic to paid along with how and when to use both.

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ll cover:

Organic Traffic Strategies

Mmm good old wholesome organic. Wait sorry, this isn’t about food… it’s about squeezing the most juice out of the lemons you already have (oops, made it about food again). Quizzes are one of those wonderfully shareable marketing assets that can help you expand your reach without you having to pay for ads.

In this training, I’ll cover my fave organic promotion strategies and how you can use them to create momentum for your biz with your quiz.

Marketing Budget Badassery: Time and Money Saving Tips for Effective and Economical Ads

Our resident ad guru just happens to be a master at helping people get the absolute lowest cost per lead possible. After running ads for online entrepreneurs for the last 5 years, she’s got many tricks up her sleeve to help you grow your audience and get hella cost effective leads.

Ad Copy that Converts

When it comes to ads, your copy plays a huge role. It’s what captures people’s attention mid-scroll and gets them to take action, so ya, it’s kinda important. I’ve written hundreds of high-performing Facebook ads and have a top secret formula for quiz ads that I can’t wait to share with you.

Using Facebook and IG Ads to Promote Your Quiz

Because I’m not an ads expert, I’m bringing in my friend and ads strategist Sara Liz (who also happens to manage ads for some incredible entrepreneurs) to teach you how she approaches campaigns for quizzes and beyond.

Please note: this is not a step-by-step training on how to run ad campaigns (there’s enough of that info out there, ya?) but it WILL give you clarity on how to create high-converting campaigns specifically for your quiz.

Conversion Copywriter and Launch Strategist

Tarzan Kay

“Chanti’s quiz expertise has helped me grow my list like crazy, but most importantly, the leads are actually converting to buyers. I couldn’t be happier with the results AND I get the most amazing feedback from people saying their results were totally spot on — they feel seen, and that’s a big deal.”

Tarzan Kay Is Getting a 9.94% Conversion Rate from Quiz Taker to Buyer with Her 80’s Themed Quiz Funnel

And you better believe there are bonuses galore up in here!

The Quiz Logistics Library:

Everything You Need to Hit the Ground Dancing (from Set Up to Execution)

My Above + Beyond Quiz Result Template

101 Questions Cheat Sheet

A step-by-step video training for setting up your quiz in the Interact quiz hosting software

Video training for setting up your post-quiz automated email sequence (for the top email marketing systems)

Various visual quiz funnel flows

Lifetime Access to The

Connections + Conversions Collective

You won’t be trapped in the isolation chamber of your office trying to figure all this out on your own. We’re here for ya in the private Connections + Conversions Collective FB group. Come for feedback, advice, and of course, to share your wins!

Using Quizzes BEYOND Lead Generation

Quizzes aren’t just for top of funnel lead generation. They’re useful at all stages of your funnel — for increasing sales and getting people off the fence, client onboarding, curating product recommendations, launching a new program, and more. In this training, I’ll fill your brain with even more quiz inspo.

This is how Amy Porterfield herself uses quizzes (code for: pay attention!):

“I feel like the quizzes Chanti helped us with gave people a preview into what it would be like to trust me as their mentor for teaching. There’s so much value in them for the participant and they do not feel sales-y at all. I feel like they are really organic – they feel natural and they’re easy to fit into a conversation. And I love saying, “Go take the quiz. Let me know what you think.” It’s not casting a net and never hearing back from them. It’s one of the easiest strategies to get people to come back to you and have a sales conversation.”


Amy Porterfield


Get feedback, a pep talk, your questions answered or whatever else you need in our live coaching and Q&A sessions. The Get ‘Er Done days will help you take action, stay accountable, and have some fun with your fellow quizzers.



You also get a bonus, bonus based on your type of business!

Are you…

The Persuasion Equation Copywriting and Messaging Masterclass

Let’s take your copywriting skills to the next level, homie! This is the stuff that’ll not only help you launch a fabulously on-point quiz, but improve your copy across the board.

An online business owner, course creator, or coach?


“If you want a quiz funnel, you want to learn from a strategic mind who knows how to write captivating copy that makes your audience feel seen, heard, and understood. Want a refreshing way to build your list? Learn the art of quizzes from Chanti.”

Conversion Copywriter + Co-founder of The Copywriter Club

Kira Hug

Creating and Selling High-Ticket Quiz Packages

I went from selling quiz funnel packages for $600 bucks a pop to $6,000 to $15,000. Wanna know how? Of course you do! If you want to take everything you learn in this program and create your own packages, don’t miss this training.

A copywriter, funnel strategist, or marketing consultant?


“A value-packed, perfectly paced dream of insight and magic. Chanti provided a whole heap of resources and templates for us to use! Within weeks, armed with my new confidence and skills, I’d landed two quiz-writing projects that gave me 6x ROI on the workshop investment. Above all, it was SO FUN! Thanks Quiz Queen — you RULE!”


Gin Walker


3 payments of

$597 USD


Lifetime Access to All 4 Training Phases

The Quiz Logistics Library

My Personal Quiz Swipe File

Access to the Curated Conversions Collective

Bonus Trainings

Proven to Convert Templates


All backed by my

Growth Guarantee


$1497 USD


Lifetime Access to All 4 Training Phases

The Quiz Logistics Library

My Personal Quiz Swipe File

Access to the Curated Conversions Collective

Bonus Trainings

Proven to Convert Templates



$3997 USD


Lifetime Access to All 4 Training Phases

The Quiz Logistics Library

My Personal Quiz Swipe File

Access to the Curated Conversions Collective

Bonus Trainings

Proven to Convert Templates

3 60-minute 1 on 1 strategy/co-writing sessions with Chanti


3 Spots Only

Founder of Soror Style

Rosa Crumpton

“Grow with Quizzes was an excellent training that had a lot of coaching and hand holding to help me successfully launch my own professional looking (and converting) quiz. Within a few days of launching a Facebook ads campaign I had my first sale of one of my courses.

I highly recommend this course, Chanti is an expert on quizzes and is so good at helping you through each step of the way from a marketing guru perspective!”

Marketing Director at the Art of Living Retreat Center

Andrew Keaveney

“Before Chanti, we felt stuck when it came to quizzes. With Chanti’s help, we created a surprisingly good and engaging quiz, which has helped us in our outreach and growth and exceeded our expectations.”


Holistic Healing Practitioner

Laura Frisbie

“The quiz was really hard for me to do by myself. I just couldn’t even know where to begin. I quit. I gave it up. So, when I saw Chanti’s beta rollout, I was super excited, and I did it, and it was a great experience.

My quiz numbers were excellent, and I had the best time tweaking them as experimenting with different headlines and seeing the differences, seeing the different results and the cost per lead. The best part was actually launching the quiz and how successful that was. I ended up with hundreds of leads at about $0.50.

I can’t recommend Chanti highly enough. She’s brilliant. She’s wise. She’s caring. She has integrity, and I just highly recommend that you would make that investment in your business.”

The Growth Guarantee

I want you to take a chance on something as random as a quiz to grow your biz. I want you to say yes to doing things differently and creating a marketing asset that helps you achieve more than one goal.

But I know going out on a limb, investing time and money and energy, can be hard. Especially in today’s world where it seems like everybody’s selling something.

You’ve made it this far, so I know you’re thinking this might just be the solution you’ve been searching for… but like any smart business owner, you need to know fo sho that you’ll get results.

Enter: the Growth Guarantee — create and launch your quiz within 6 months of buying the program and if you don’t get more leads than you did with your prior lead magnet, just email my wing woman Grace at [email protected] and we’ll give you your money back.

If you do the work, I’m confident you’ll get results. If I weren’t, I’d be straight up silly to have this kind of guarantee.


Amy Cocke

“Thank you for offering this course! It saved me from a lot of blog reading and Google searches trying to figure it all out myself.”

It’s No Secret I Love Questions, Here Are Some of the Most Common Ones I’ve Gotten About Grow with Quizzes

Q: How is your program different from similar courses or a free article teaching me how to create a lead gen quiz?

They don’t call me the Quiz Queen for nothin’. But seriously, everything I share is based on my experience writing quizzes for dozens of online businesses in all different industries and at all different levels.

I’ve learned a lot over the years about what works and what doesn’t and how to create a lead magnet that’s designed not only to attract 10 times as many leads, but that also helps you learn valuable insights about your audience and segment your list.

On top of that, you can do it without sounding spammy, selfish, or manipulative. A lot of marketers teach quizzes from that lense but that’s just not my style.

Q: How much time do I realistically need to commit to create and launch my quiz?

I won’t lie, quizzes require more time than the average lead magnet — but as you already know, they get you far better results. All you’ve gotta do is commit to working on your quiz for 2 hours a week for one month and you’ll be in good shape (you’ll also have a WAY better lead magnet than 99% of online business owners – no big).

Q: I’m not a copywriter, can I still create my own quiz?

Of course! You don’t need to spend thousands to hire me or someone else to create and launch a successful quiz. Here’s the thing: I want your quiz copy to be so bangin’ and attractive to the right people that I’m covering copy basics inside the program as a bonus for all non-copywriters.

You’ll learn a ton about writing high-converting copy that can be applied in ALL areas of your marketing, not just your quiz.

Q: What if the course doesn’t work for me and my quiz ends up being a total flop?

If you launch your quiz and it doesn’t perform better than your previous lead magnet, I’ll give you your money back. I’m comfortable taking that risk because I know if you follow my process, you’ll walk away with a highly effective lead magnet.

Q: Why should I invest in another program (I’ve got soooo many!) can’t I just figure this out on my own?

You might be able to figure this out on your own — but it will definitely take a while. I’m betting you don’t have time for trial and error. If you’re ready to do the damn thing and grow your list fast without playing any more guessing games — then I’ll give you a simple, actionable game plan along with everything you need to make it happen.

Psst… I’m with ya on the course overload, I’ve got at least 4 on the docket that I haven’t touched yet. The thing is, most of them are about stuff that isn’t nearly as important as building a thriving email list of qualified leads.

I like to prioritize my course consumption in order of what’s going to get me the greatest results in the least amount of time.

If you do the same, and growing your email list is a priority, then this isn’t something you can afford to put on the back burner.

Q: I’m hella overwhelmed and not even sure I can handle another course, how will all of this be delivered?

I feel ya, that’s why instead of just giving you instead access to an overwhelming slew of trainings, I’m going to drip the content out slowly and sensibly straight to your inbox. You’ll still be able to go at your own pace, but the idea is you’ll be way less overwhelmed and way more likely to actually work through the content in the most logical and effective order.

Co-founder of Interact Quiz Hosting Software

Josh Haynam

“Chanti is the quiz whisperer. She has an uncanny ability to create quizzes that not only perfectly exemplify the brands they represent, but also convert like crazy. She’s personally responsible for the massive growth of a bunch of companies who implemented quizzes she’s created that have become the entire basis of those brands’ marketing strategy. If you’re looking to create a quiz and are serious about conversion and ROI then look no further than Chanti.”

Is Perfect for You If…

You’ve had a successful online business for years now and you’re looking for the next step in scaling your business and connecting with your clients.

Your online business is just starting to take shape. You don’t know it all, but you definitely know one thing: you want a compelling, high-converting lead magnet from the get-go.

Your current lead magnet isn’t doing you any favors. People don’t comment on how helpful it was, it doesn’t get shared organically, and your CPL is through the roof. You’re ready to do something different and create an asset that improves people’s lives AND boosts your bottom line.

You already know you want a quiz — and you know you wanna do it right. You want a blueprint for a quiz that stands out and offers real value and you won’t settle for anything less.

You aint lazy! You’re ready and willing to put in the 20% of effort necessary to reap 80% of the results.

In fact, you’re already spending loads of time every day, week, or month trying fruitlessly to grow your list.

You’ve heard the rumors, and the rumors are true — quizzes are a hella powerful way to grow your list fast and affordably, and when you use my method, you’ll also attract better quality leads that ultimately will want to invest in what you have to offer.

You already have a quiz but because you didn’t know any better, it’s not very good. You’re ready to have another go at creating something your audience lurrrves.

It soothes your weary soul that if you do launch your quiz and it doesn’t generate brag worthy results, you’ll get a full refund thanks to our Growth Guarantee.

If you said yes to at least 4 of the above, then I can’t wait to see you inside Grow with Quizzes because you, my friend, are a perfect fit!


3 payments of

$597 USD


Lifetime Access to All 4 Training Phases

The Quiz Logistics Library

My Personal Quiz Swipe File

Access to the Curated Conversions Collective

Bonus Trainings

Proven to Convert Templates


All backed by my

Growth Guarantee


$1497 USD


Lifetime Access to All 4 Training Phases

The Quiz Logistics Library

My Personal Quiz Swipe File

Access to the Curated Conversions Collective

Bonus Trainings

Proven to Convert Templates



$3997 USD


Lifetime Access to All 4 Training Phases

The Quiz Logistics Library

My Personal Quiz Swipe File

Access to the Curated Conversions Collective

Bonus Trainings

Proven to Convert Templates

3 60-minute 1 on 1 strategy/co-writing sessions with Chanti


3 Spots Only

If I could teleport into the future and show you what’s possible once you create a quiz,

you’d already have a GIF loaded welcome email with your Grow with Quizzes login info…

Welp, darn technology for not being sci-fi level just yet. The next best thing I can do is lovingly remind you that an engaged email list full of humans who want to pick up what you’re putting down is what will take you from daily stress to sustainable success.

If lead generation is holding you back from the freedom you hoped for when you signed up for this online biz thing, what are you waiting for?

You’re one choice away from accessing the exact system that’s helped me create quizzes that have generated hundreds of thousands of qualified leads.

Whether you’re a course creator looking to stabilize your rollercoaster income, an eCommerce biz looking to help people get out of analysis paralysis, a copywriter or consultant looking to learn a new skill to help your clients, or something in between, I cannot wait to meet you inside of Grow with Quizzes!

More Information: Please check more value courses here !

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