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Caroline Casey – The Trickster Training Mystery School

You get to discover exactly what YOU have to add to the collective cauldron where a new positive culture and consciousness have started simmering….

And it’s not willpower, angst or resentment towards “those people,” that will get us all there, but the liberating genius of Trickster.

Playful and unpredictable, Trickster Magic is the antidote we need to the heaviness all around us.

Trickster is that which arrives in dangerous times to brighten our spirits, liberate our communities, and dazzle the darkness.

Trickster is a keeper-protector of democracy, the part of us and nature, which loves against all odds.

You can witness this force in the adaptable ingenuity of seeds sprouting after cataclysm, and in rivers that metabolize poison.

The energy of Trickster aligns with the forces of nature to create change — from the personal to the political — in nature’s way.

Trickster empowers you to embody your truth, and call forth authenticity, playfully, in those around you.

Trickster gives you linguistic, metaphoric and storytelling agility that can shape-shift reality.

And when you learn to change your metaphors, you change your story… and literally change our world.

The Trickster Training Mystery School is dedicated to dreaming a more desirable world into being.

And we invite YOU to join us, cultivate your unique gifts and be influential at this time of dire beauty.

Journey through the year with Caroline Casey, agent of Bodhisattva Coyote and one of the world’s most fun, playful, erudite astrologers, and you’ll liberate the Trickster in you, deepen your spiritual journey and become a more joyful, effective catalyst for change.

That’s because Trickster will bless you with a new capacity to create word magic and new storylines, and use playful unpredictability to bridge divides.

(Magic, Caroline says, “Is simply a willingness to collaborate with everything… so you move your emotional default setting of “status quo” to “Woof-Woof-Wanna-Play?!”)

And as you’re liberated, you help liberate others. There is no prison for the unexpected!

This is YOUR opportunity to join a global community of allies — all magnetizing, cultivating, animating and contributing their considerable gifts in a way that replenishes everyone.

During The Trickster Training Mystery School, you’ll:

Understand myths and the planets as big forces with which you can co-operate
Discover the liberating power of language
Cultivate the qualities of heroism to birth the “Trickster Redeemer” in your heart
Discover your animal allies through visionary techniques whereby to broker desirable inter-species collaborative cahooting
Conjure your Money Animal so that you can have sufficient funding to play your role in destiny
Invoke power into the world through dedicated acts of beauty
Receive practices to expand the playfulness of your mind and engage with the world with wit and whimsy
Find language that liberates your soul from old habits and opens you to a zestier experience of life
Follow the lead of myth and nature to become a more effective changemaker in our world by metabolizing the poisons of your life (and the world)
Cultivate irresistible eloquence and develop the art of magnetizing
Learn to engage with the mythic forces at play, making you a more savvy agent of influence
Journey through the underworld with jaunty aplomb to restore human affairs in accord with the harmony of nature
Become a more effective and delightful storyteller
Course sessions are on Wednesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

In this 8-month program, Caroline will guide you through the fundamental insights, skills and capacities that you’ll need to access the Trickster for liberation and apply these qualities in cultural change.

Caroline will guide each participant to their own unique contribution. As she likes to say, “mountain lion leads, but seeks no followers!”

Every week Caroline will weave in the guiding sky-earth narrative, that we may best avail ourselves of the opportunities, to navigate this wild year with liberating grace, and be agents of cool response in a hot reactive world.

Astrology is one of the great liberating languages of antiquity which organizes ritual magic, social change and guiding Wisdom Traditions. In that spirit we will weave through our councils Tarot, Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Dion Fortune’s Ritual Magic, Alchemy, Aikido and the teachings of late great mythologist, Joseph Campbell (by whom Caroline was mentored and to whom he bequeathed his teachings on animals).

All will be teased into pragmatic pertinence and liberating vernacular!

This is the time to cultivate, animate and contribute our considerable gifts to the community, in a manner that is replenishing. We dedicate to “dree-ing our weird,” (“playing our role in Destiny”) at this time of dire beauty. Whatever we do for ourselves grants us the spiritual muscle tone — to do that in the world.

We avert “dis-aster” (“against the stars”) by gathering to “consider” (with the stars).

Each planet represents a living quality of intelligence that resides within us — and connects us to the world.

Trickster, skilled at not being snookered into polarity (by being keeper of the unifying story), is the quality of intelligence that protects democracy from the dementors of doom.

Trickster is older than humans, and sets the whole shebang of Creation going with liberating lightning — that sizzles through creation, all flora and fauna (every now and then being inquisitioned or orthodoxed, thus learning how to be an escapade artist) and journeys on into each one of our hearts, awaiting animation — now!

We will go through eight astrological zodiac signs (and their associated planets) — in tune with the sky story above.

Important Note! Caroline has a wildly free-flowing style of teaching that follows a less linear logic and that often leaps between related ideas, myths and cultural contexts.

In her inimitable way, she embodies the Trickster in speech, which delights most people and sometimes derails others who prefer a more linear mode of teaching.

So be prepared for an adventure in consciousness and language — over the course of 27 LIVE sessions that will be less structured than a typical curriculum!

COUNCILS 1-5: CONSIDERING VENUS (SUN IN TAURUS) (4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 510, 5/17)
We convene The Trickster Training Mystery School on April 19, the day the Sun enters Taurus — the incarnational realm of Venus, whose color is emerald green, and rhythm is curvy, where dedicated acts of beauty invite power into the world. Venus makes love to the world and is passionately pantheistic — Venus sees life in, and relates to, everything.

We join together to partner with nature to make the world more beautiful. When the worst aspects of our species are being dredged to the surface of the body politic, — ‘tis our task to invite the best. We’ll reawaken our eroticism and magnetize lovers (new and/or old).

On this day Pluto is stationing (looks like it’s standing still) — So, for bonus points, Pluto gives us a Venus-Pluto dating blessing: “We would wish for you relationships that are dangerous in a good way!” (Meaning with trust-worthy people, of equal complexity of spirit, who really want to know all of you — yikes! — in good way.)

Scheherazade said, “The world is run by those who do not know how to make love — and that’s why we’re screwed.”

In Councils 1-5, we’ll:

Restore the art of courtship through studying nature
Explore Pragmatic Mysticism re-wedding activism with animism (Indigenuity)
Honor the Buddha’s Full Moon-Earth Day May 10
Develop the art of magnetizing
Delight in the art of altars
Restore sacredness to money
Remembering what we love and re-igniting those passions
The incarnation of Mercury in Gemini inspires our words be in accord with our dedicated desire. Language grants us access to the realm it describes. If you can speak of it, you can journey there! Astrology is one of the great guiding languages of antiquity and is now being called to its highest purpose. It is a language that describes our interior psyche and its connection to the collective. We live in a conversational creation — everything speaks to us by its song, its color, its rhythm.

In this module, Skookum becomes our motto, which means “connected to the spirits and completely competent for the task at hand.” By approaching the world with informed reverent curiosity, we rejoin the choreography of creation.

In Councils 6-8, we’ll:

Consult with the Delphic Oracle: “Are my plans in accord with the Divine? And if not, how shall I bring them into accord?”
Explore the communicative arts of Call and Response and Chorusing
Cultivate irresistible eloquence
Become Skookum
The incarnation of the Moon in Cancer is the return of Big Momma, in her Trickster garb as fierce protector of life and the keeper/protector of democracy. Caroline will share wisdom from her expert Permaculture colleagues regarding the art of cultivating our literal and metaphoric gardens, as living metaphor. We’ll explore our plant allies, adaptogens, entheogens and the history of human-plant collaboration.

In Councils 9-11, we’ll:

Journey backwards in time to heal the ancestors and thus the present
Recognize the power of memory to create the future
Explore our family, ancestors and history for clues as to our contribution
Break family spells and take new vows
Join with Big Momma to metabolize grief into beauty
COUNCILS 12-14: CONSIDERING THE SUN (SUN IN LEO) ( 7/26, 8/2, 8/9)
Every tree, plant and flower grows and flourishes by the grace and bounty of the sun.
— John Tyndall, 19th Century Scientist

Ally with the energetic, animating life force of all life — the sun. Hail to the Sun God! He is a Fun God! Ra! Ra! Ra!

When the sun is in Leo it is the confluence of all allies. In this module, we’ll study the solar myths and art, pyramids, altars on mountains, fertility symbols and the myriad depictions of the sun associated with snakes, lions, reindeer, goats, etc. We’ll also learn to cultivate solar power within and without and receive wisdom from Caroline’s guests from the solar power realm.

In Councils 12-14, we’ll:

Participate in midwifing the emerging mythos of conscious kinship
Turn our clenched fists into the Buddhist mudra of reassurance — the outstretched open hand found on statues of the Buddha
Explore Joseph Campbell’s inquiry: “What is the new mythology to be, the mythology of this earth as of one harmonious being?”
Collage our own solar mandala, as a source of strength
The incarnation of Mercury in Virgo exposes the Magician Hermes/Hermia. In Hermetic Alchemy, alchemists were interested in coagulating or fixing the elusive Mercury spirit. ”Fixation of the volatile” is the alchemical term for the focusing of attention which would grant us the capacity to understand the language of birds and other creatures. Among other things, in this module we’ll explore PL Travers’ Mary Poppins books as realms where liberating esoterica has been smuggled back into culture through children’s literature.

In Councils 15-17, we’ll:

Realize the universe as telepathic
Engage in exercises whereby to increase telepathy
Cultivate the augury arts of Applied Divination
COUNCILS 18-21: CONSIDERING VENUS (SUN IN LIBRA) (9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18)
To love disharmony back into harmony creates a greater harmony than existed before.
— Michael Gruber, Author

Magic is simply a willingness to cooperate with everything! The artist is the keeper of collective soul. Venus in Libra reveals the art of balance, how to let the pain flow through you — not into you. We welcome the disruption that liberates old circuits into larger vastness. One definition of our assignment is to discern the pattern of evolutionary intelligence that proffers the liveliest possibilities available at any moment and partner with them.

In Councils 18-21, we’ll:

Discover what works now in the realm of personal relationships
Study manners in nature
Ally with etiquette
Liberate democracy
The time for sane reverence to assume a new cultural narrative is here. We’ll metabolize our adversaries into allies by inviting in the Unifying Story.

Pluto will act as our Tour Guide as we (with Mars, and all our allies) journey to the past to inform the present.

We’ll lead the charge in resolving universal conflict. In this council, we’ll mobilize our relations with our dangerous allies! We’ll discover how to transform detective stories into strategic guides. Sex magic dedicated to spiraling positive energetics into group human mind will be our guide. Let’s make sure we have much for which to be grateful. Our intention is to leave you feeling “ready for action” (ready for danger) — with glee!

In Councils 22-24, we’ll:

Journey through the underworld with jaunty aplomb
Turn adversaries into allies
Metabolize poison
Polish our storytelling skills to be effective voices for what we love
Actualize the art of directing cultural attention through the ancient craft of public speaking
Complete by magnetizing, cultivating, animating and spiraling forth into the memosphere the most irresistible, all inclusive guiding meta-narrative — We are all augurs inaugurating Earth’s Dream!
Jupiter proffers, what is the one way of relating to the world that is guaranteed replenishing and never depleting? The power of fierce blessing! The art of blessing redeems everything in our lives and serves to get us through the times when we must travel through the underworld.

Blessing does not mean letting go of critique, which is its necessary partner. We simply graduate beyond the dualism to see the intrinsic beauty in all things.

In these final Councils, we’ll:

Gather blessings from all cultures that we may be agents of reciprocal blessing: “May it go well for you!” “And for you!”
Learn to critique and bless
Further practice the art of diagnosing and blessing (the latter conjures the wisdom the former needs to heal)
Embody our customized Trickster with all necessary skills
Bless each participant’s deepest heart’s desire, that our inner dedication may magnetize outward opportunity
Celebrate our graduation in which our customized Trickster with all necessary skills steps into our body
Bless the world!

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