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Carolin Hauser – The Pleasure IQ

Making It Rain, No Problem.
Getting All Kinds Of Stuff For Free…
No Problem Either. But When It Comes To
The Things You Truly Want… Silence… Nothing.
With the Pleasure IQ This Happens:
You decided that you are ready to be with your soulmate and within 2 month the two of you are together.

You think: “Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to be published in the NY times”… next thing you know, the NY times editor calls you.

You feel like going for a walk and run into a woman with a cute dog, strike up a conversation, and end up with a $25k client.

All of the people that so desperately have been needing you and sucking up your energy and time… disappear, as if by magic.

No more conflict between making things happen and divine timing… everything happens when it needs to…
You move from living with your parents or having to ask your boyfriend for money every time you want to get a green drink… to being the one paying your parents’ mortgage and taking him out in style…

You want to honeymoon in Paris… you Honeymoon in Paris… and get a whole new wardrobe while you are there.

Why is it so hard to manifest your hearts deepest desires?
If you have read books like The Secret to help you manifest your soulmate, more money and clients, or better health, and if you have seen other people around you have “the dream life”, then you do have firsthand experience that there is such a thing as manifesting power.

Maybe you’ve even been one of those people that has cleansed all your chakras, bought every self-help book on the shelf… believing that every time you started a new “course” it would be the one finally bringing you THE breakthrough.

So why does the idea of you being able to manifest your dream life have you squirm and squeal inside?
Let me guess:

You don’t mind working on yourself but, when in the world, will it ever be enough… you have cleared entities, healed your mother wound, done rebirthing, gotten reiki, eaten only kale, eaten nothing and just lived on juices… what else can you do??

You know that law of attraction exists… it works when you want the rain to stop or win front row seats for you and your friend… but it doesn’t when it comes to things that truly count.

Since you have tried to change your “patterns” forever now… you are starting to lose hope and you are thinking that you are just not meant to have it all.

People with big dreams (like you and I) don’t always get a lot of support in this world.
How I used the Pleasure IQ to Find My Calling, Create Half a Million in Revenue, and Attract My Divine Partner Paul (all in under 3 years)
And that makes the
Pleasure IQ Different
Unlike other Manifesting programs out there (that are
really just a regurgitation of the same old same old,
I’m sharing with you cutting edge practices that work.
I am sharing with you the behind the scenes of going from complete lack… I didn’t just lack physical energy… I was bankrupt too… to creating my dream life including a multi six-figure company, being executive producer… you know the one that puts up the money to get the thing done… for a anti-GMO documentary and co-creating with my Divine Partner, Paul.

You get it.
I am showing you proven strategies that I have personally tested.

Increasing Your Pleasure IQ Will Give You Everything You Want From Life.
Switch ON Your Pleasure IQ, Reclaim Your True Self,
And Welcome Your TRUE Heart’s Desires In 4 Weeks
In this highly acclaimed 4-week course you’ll learn how to clear away the internal and energetic obstacles to abundance and love so that you can have everything on your vision board not someday, but NOW.

The Results You Can Expect…
Full Transparency: I’m NOT going to promise that by the end of this course, you’ll be living like OPRAH, and everything will be easy pea-sy happily ever after.
Nor am I going to promise that ALL your manifesting issues will magically be gone. (Manifestation mastery is NOT a one-time event!)
What you CAN expect is massive transformation in how you are feeling immediately when you jump in and play full out. You CAN expect a newfound peace of mind, and ease in manifesting your true desires.

With the Pleasure IQ, you are saying YES to a whole new way of being. You’re going to create new habits with energetic work and practical steps.

The result?
The “new you” will show up immediately – as soon as you allow it.
Heal your heart
Program your subconscious for money and relationship success
Release over-giving, guilt, shame and putting your needs last
Create new healthy boundaries allowing you to never get drained or being taken advantage of ever again
Reconnect to your innocence and true power so you can feel confident and good about yourself
Feel supported by the universe, become a desperation magnet no-more, and lose the helpless energy that attracts losers, and money drains
Heal your relationship with your parents so that you can be free to create happy relationship and don’t have to relive the drama of their life
Become invisible to energy draining people that have sucked you dry in the past
Feel at home, accepted and safe in your body as a woman
Feel beautiful, happy and radiant
Become the woman that inspires men and money to make her happy, protect and take care of her
No more nights spend with your thoughts racing… sleep like a baby and feel good when you wake up

Week 1: Clear Your Receiving Limits
Declutter “I Am Not Good Enough” Thoughts From Your Core: Become The Woman Worthy Of Your Dream life
In week 1 I will guide you through a powerful energetic journey that will help you release shame, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness from your core

Make peace with your younger self and start making decisions from your “wise” woman instead
Energetically imprint a healthy self image and the true version of you connect with yourself at the deepest level and unite with your heart
See yourself for the magnificent woman you truly are… the way your soulmate, clients and money see’s you as well
Week 2: Activate your creative power.
Awaken The Dormant Creative Power Within Your Core And Draw In What You Desire… WHEN You Desire
In week 2 you’ll learn how to keep you energy juicy and magnetic… but ONLY to the right man, the right clients and opportunities, and I will take you through a powerful womb activation… to connect you to your creative power.

Learn how to always stay connected to your greatest manifestation tool… your creative center
Learn a powerful energetic tool that you can use to reclaim your womb and sexual power… to never feel insecure or stressed around “good” men or money
Week 3: Integrate your Feminine and Masculine
In Week 3 you’ll learn to identify the masculine and feminine within you and how to flow in both energies so you can move into wholeness with yourself and creating a nonresistant and energetic space, consciously.
In week 3 you’ll be guided to make peace with your parents… this is a vital step in calling true, healthy love and abundance in

Heal the family drama that up until now has kept you down and unable to receive the love or abundance you want
Unify your masculine and feminine energy… to experience a sense of safety, joy, and peace… become irresistible
Learn how to instantly shift your energy so that you become a match to the relationship and life you want
Week 4: High Vibe Mastery
Learn my proven high vibe routine… 99% of manifesting your true desires is energy… this routine shows you how to stay “high”
The number one secret to making manifestation work for you on your terms.

This is how miracles become your norm.

4 Modules, teaching you the 4 basic steps of the Pleasure IQ system (includes: Audios, transcripts and resources)
The Pleasure IQ Yearly Playbook- A customized manifestation journal to help you stay on track
Plus, You’ll Also Get These Valuable Gifts With Your Purchase
Bonus #1
24 LIVE Pleasure IQ Manifestation Circle calls with me
(includes teaching, Q&A and mini-readings and clearings

Pleasure IQ Manifestation Circle Toolkit
(Includes a library of high vibrational practices and tools, in addition to clearings and meditations such as:

Finding your next best step
Healing your heart
Vibrational immunization
Letting go of powerlessness
Reclaiming your power after having had an abortion
…And many more
Bonus #2
The PIQ Attract Your Soulmate in 28 Days
In this course I will guide you to make peace with the past and release any old, toxic relationship patterns so that you can be ready to call your true soulmate in

Bonus #3
The PIQ Attract Money and Abundance in 28 Days
In this course I will guide you specifically to heal your relationship with money and release family ties and ancestral money vows… so that you can be free to have your own healthy relationship with money.

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