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Bryan Kreuzberger – 1 Lead A Day

The system that helps salespeople predictably bring in an extra 1 Lead A Day
Problems Salespeople Face
What People Want
This predictable plan gives that person:
Accurate expectations.
An accurate plan of what they need to do everyday.
Peace of mind knowing they can hit their quotas reliably.
Cold Calling isn’t working as well as it used to.

These emails have:
…been used by 70,000+ businesses and entrepreneurs.
…been tested at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Oracle.
…been tested at smaller private companies and by individual entrepreneurs.
…generated over $1.25 Billion in sales.
Why Emails Are Better
You can test the same email over and over. Whereas each call goes a little differently.
You can send hundreds with one click. Whereas hundreds of calls takes forever, and are kind of depressing to make 8 hours per day.
Email you can delegate to someone else so you can go play golf or pick your kids up at school.
Everything is trackable. You can see what’s working and what’s not. Go by data, not just by sheer effort.
With this one screenshot we can show Bill:
Which days are best to send his emails.
Which email templates are working.
Which email templates are NOT working.
Insider interviews with the actual “gatekeepers” of large company budgets (and what gets them to respond)
Inside 1 Lead A Day we show you how to get meetings with…
CEO’S, Founders, The Board of Directors
CMO’S, CIO’s CFO’s, COO’s, CRO’s and another kind of C-Level exec you can think of VP’s, Directors, GM’s, Managers
And specialty groups like Advertising, HR, Hiring Managers, Procurement
….and anything else you can imagine like the Superintendents of a School District, even Principals.
How are you going to get Colin and others like him to respond if he is flat-out rejects 99% of the people who contact him?

In the 1 Lead A Day Insider Series we’ll show you the exclusive interviews that can help get you past the gatekeeper.

No Predictability = Stress, Confusion, Loss of Motivation
If you are looking to grow your organization but feel like everything is too un-predictable, then let us show you step-by-step how to build a predictable organization that:
Doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel for each hire.
Can predict revenue and sales far easier because there’s a predictable process to use.
Has proven processes that you can use to scale your business.
Helps you hit your number more often because the sales people know exactly what to do, to hit their goals.
Gets each salesperson 1 extra qualified lead per day.
Let us guide you on how to implement the 1 Lead A Day system for yourself (or your company) to make a sales system that’s far more predictable and enjoyable.

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