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Brock Feldt & Buck Rizvi – Supplement Millions 12 Dvds

Here is a quick description and overview:

“Supplement Millions Live… How To Launch Your Own Multi-million Dollar Nutritional Supplement Business, Put It On Full Auto-Pilot, And Enjoy Your Cash From Anywhere In The World.”

Here’s what’s going on: Buck and I recently held a very unique seminar in Orlando, Florida, and we’re about to release ONLY 200 copies of the ENTIRE event.

We spent 4 days teaching attendee’s EVERYTHING we know about creating a health and wellness business from scratch. EVERY last tactic, strategy, and marketing method we use.

Here is a SHORT list of what we covered over the 3 days – And…

This is EXACTLY what is included in the 200 copies we are releasing now…

12 DVD’s which cover the complete unedited 3-day event

A large handbook that contains ALL the slides, handouts, and bonus materials we gave to the attendees.

This handbook contains The 10 Module “Supplement Million System: This is a Step-by-step plan from start to finish and includes ALL of the slides and extra bonus materials from the event.

Here’s a quick description of each module in random order.

1) Corporate Setup – Getting set up correctly and how to take advantage of major tax breaks available.

2) Market and Product Research – This is my favorite! How to find Hot products so that customers come to you – and you don’t have to go to them.

3) Branding, Formulation, and Manufacturing – We’ll reveal our secret sources.

4) Legal and Compliance – this is done by one of our secret guest speakers… an industry giant!

5) Killer Offer and Copywriting – There is more than one way to skin a cat – and some of them can bring in 3 times the amount of sales!

6) Technology and Back Office Setup – Making the business flow.

7) Online Marketing and Optimization – from start to finish. We show numerous examples of what works and what does NOT.

8) Marketing ‘Rollout’ – Once you have a winner, it’s time to go to the next level. We show how we did 15,755 sales in less than 2 weeks.

9) Additional Growth Strategies – now that you have the ball rolling, here’s how you can make more money with little or no more effort.

10) Autopilot Systems – This is Buck’s strong point. He’ll show you how to put your business on full autopilot.

Plus, here’s some other highlights…

How to choose a HOT market! In fact, we actually created a list of close to 20 products that have incredible demand.

How to create a product that’s ALREADY in massive demand and by one of the top manufactures in the country!

4 Different ways you can start your own health and wellness business. Fact: all for 4 methods have proven to produce million dollar businesses.

How we take products from and Idea… all the way to MARKETING ROLLOUT – Plus! You’ll get to see the FULL PROCCESS.

We show how we took a product, put in online, all the testing we did, including what didn’t work, and… how it did over 15,000 sales in less than 2 weeks!

That’s right! Staring from ZERO to

finished successful launch!

How to get started if you are on a shoestring budget.

When I got started I was dead broke. I had to start small and systematically grow my business ( which was over $100,000 a month before month 2) I’ll show you the steps I took and how I would do if differently now to speed it up.

Buck’s Method: My business partner Buck did it totally different than me. He had a little funding and decide to go with a different approach. Which included fully automating his entire business!!

4 Exclusive interviews – These interviews are incredible! In March we held a very small event in Tampa, similar to our Orlando event. We had 4 of our students from our first event show up at the Orlando seminar. We interviewed each one of them live on stage.

You’ll be blown away when you hear their stories!

The all started with NO Experience, NO Product, and No Idea where to get started.

Now, they have ALL created their own products and are taking them to market! It’s truly exciting to hear their stories.

4 Guest speakers and industry expert! – I can’t give you the names but I can tell you the topics.

Speaker 1 – Marketing Experts – Shares REAL RESULTS and EXACTLY how you can double your sales in 59 days or less! He’s been a mentor and advisor in our businesses. What he shares in this 1 hour presentation is GOLD. And…

Speaker 2 – Our SECRET WEAPON – This is our manufacturer! He’ll go through his amazing business and show you how to get breakthrough products for your business

Speaker 3 – Is an Advisor to Best-Selling Author Rober Kiyosaki. Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He go through step-by-step how to set up your business entity and how to take advantage of some killer tax breaks.

Speaker 4 – Our Legal Advisor and industry expert – He consults with numerous health and wellness companies that do tens of millions of dollars in sales every years… some even break the 100 million a year mark. This is the man they turn to when they need help.

Plus!! We’re including our Million Dollar Rolodex!! It will include all the venders, manufacturers, and resources we’ve been using to build or businesses.

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