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Bozi Dar – Career Acceleration Formula

The Proven 6-Step Formula to Rapidly Accelerate Your Career, Land a Big Job Promotion and Boost Your Salary.
Attention Executives:
Finally…A Proven System to Rapidly Accelerate Your Career, Land a Big Job Promotion and Boost Your Salary By $10,000, $20,000, or Even $30,000…Faster Than You Think!
Trusted by professionals of Google, JP Morgan, Cisco, Accenture and other major Fortune 500 companies…and coming from a real-world career superachiever who cracked the corporate code and got promoted 6 times in 6 years, boosting his salary 15 times. No BS, no fluff, no theory, only killer strategies that get you results…fast.
Are you stuck in the same job for too long, failing to progress your career? Have you ever wondered why some people get promoted faster without being smarter or more educated? Do you secretly crave to climb the ladder fast and have others to admire your success?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then what you are about to read below may be the most important message of this entire year.

You see, the company you work for is basically one giant system, and it is carefully designed to slow down your progress and keep you in the lower levels of the job pyramid, together with 90% of other employees.

In other words, the company you work for will try to keep you in the EXACT same job with the EXACT same salary as long as possible.

As a result of this, over time you start to feel trapped in a dead-end job. You start to doubt yourself. You start to believe that you don’t have some “magic power” that is required to make it to the top. And at the same time,

In Every Company There Are a Select Group of People That Consistently Land Big Job Promotions, Command Highest Compensation and Get Perks You Can Only imagine. They Are In The “10% Club”.
Members of the “10% Club” consistently get extra bonuses, command public recognition, gain access to VIP mentors, hang out with senior executives and are offered first-level access to otherwise unannounced jobs.

Members of the “10% Club” are not told that they have to “fit-in”. On the contrary, they are told to hone and build on their uniqueness.

Recruiters fight over them. Bosses love them. Colleagues admire them. HR throws bonuses at them. And yet, they are NOT smarter than you, NOT more skillful than you and NOT better than you. Question is,

Why Are YOU Not In The “10% Club”?
Hi, my name is Bozi Dar and I love the smell of career success. There I said it! In fact, nowadays I know how to compete, win and succeed in my career almost on an auto-pilot. In other words, I am in the “10% Club”. Unfortunately, this was not always the case…

How I Went From Being an Underpaid Sales Representative to Becoming a Senior Corporate Executive Managing >$5 Billion Product Portfolio
11 years ago I started my career working in a large multinational company. I got an entry-level underpaid sales rep job and was eager to advance my career fast. I started searching for “expert” career advice…

I talked to my corporate friends, I read Forbes career articles online, I paid for a few coaching sessions and I also read handful of career books. Little did I know how dangerous this “expert” career advice was…

Here is how I applied that “expert” advice:

I worked long hours and made sure that when I stay late others know about it.
I didn’t talk about my results. After all, my results are supposed to “speak for themselves” and I shouldn’t come across as a sleazy used-car salesman.
My networking strategy was based on giving out as many business cards as possible.
I even tried to change my personal style so I could accommodate styles of other people.
Three years have passed. I wasn’t getting anywhere near to a job promotion.

I would wake up every day, go to work, give my best and produce results…only to come back home in the evening feeling tired, undervalued and under-appreciated.

Others would take credit and bonus for my work, while I was getting stuck in the same dead-end job with the same old salary. My days were long and boring, to the point where I had to literally drag myself to work.

Worst Of All, Deep Inside I Was Starting To Feel Like a Big Giant FAILURE.
I failed my ambition, I failed my family who believed in me and I failed my friends who saw a potential in me. And I didn’t see a way out.

All I saw was a picture of me being 65 years old, looking back at my career and hearing others saying “he had a great potential.” It felt unbearable…

Then one morning when I was about to implode, I sat down and I wrote my shortest email ever: “I am quitting my job.”

Finished. Done. Gone.

My misery was over. At least for some time. But where do I go from here?

After an initial period of resignation, I spent the next 12 months frantically searching for “10x career success strategies”, the ones that yield 10x results in 1/10 of time. The strategies that can turn the tables in my favour, giving me an unfair advantage in a corporate world. I analyzed my mistakes. I read success biographies like my life depended on them. I interviewed all of the successful people I could get hold of.

During all this time I lived in a tiny studio apartment, had zero income and no guarantee at all that my future strategies will work, but…

I Was 100% Determined Crack the Corporate Success Code.
Once I was ready to join the workforce again I started a job search.

Using my new strategies, in just two months I got hired by a major Fortune 500 company for a job that wasn’t even publicly announced. First success. Check.

Being in a new job, I started testing all kinds of counterintuitive strategies, such as:

Asking a top management member to be my mentor (I had a very junior role at the time)
Focusing solely on delivering one single big project in a year
Saying NO to most of the requests
And Then I Got Promoted!
4 months into my new next-level job, I received a special invitation to join the top 25 global talents for one-year leadership development program. I started having fun like never before….and got promoted again after less than a year!

On top of that, my network exploded thanks to being in the “top 25 talents” program.

I was now certain that my “10x career success strategies” were working. And I kept refining them, to the level where I knew EXACTLY what to do in order to get the next-level job fast.

I realized that I have in my hands a system that gets me consistent results almost on an auto-pilot!

I kept using this system over the next several years, not even realizing that…

I Landed 6 Job Promotions In 6 Years and Increased My Salary 15 Times!
More specifically, I went from being an entry-level, underpaid sales representative, to becoming a senior corporate executive in charge For >$5 billion product portfolio.

Since I joined the “10% Club”, my career and my life have never been the same again.

Here is how being part of “10% club” worked for me…

At the end of every year, I would get extra stocks and a hand-signed thank-you letter from a CEO.

Throughout the year I would be handed over invitations for closed-door lunches with VPs and C-level executives.

I’d routinely get enrolled in prestigious executive education programs. On top of that,

My Mentors Were Now CEOs and ex-CEOs
…and my network includes VIP investors from the top Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Sometimes if felt like there is no door I can not open anywhere I’d go.

Best of all, I was getting public recognition of my skills and abilities.

When you achieve explosive career success like this, people start to notice.

At first my colleagues figured out that I was doing something differently and they started asking me to mentor them (which I would happily accept).

While I was doing my research to prepare for these mentoring sessions, something dawned on me…I realized that

There is No Proven System to Show You How to Accelerate Your Career Ultra-Fast and Get 10x Results in 1/10 of Time. None. Zero. Nada.
I also freaked out when I realised that most career success books and articles you see on Forbes and HuffPost were written by people who NEVER had amazing careers. In other words, these books were written by career coaches, researchers and journalists…

I must confess, I was a bit sceptical that my system would work so well for others. After all, I designed it only for me and never planned to share it with the outside world.

The sessions with my mentees typically looked like this…

I would teach them basic concepts which would make them very uncomfortable at first.

But after they passed that first stage and got used to applying counterintuitive “10x career success strategies”, they would start to experience dramatic career shifts:

Their bosses and their colleagues would start to perceive them differently and respect them more.
Top-visibility project proposals would magically end up on their desk.
They would get salary raises and effortless job promotions without working harder or playing office politics.
That was an “a-ha” moment for me.

Results of my students made me realize that career success is not based on luck, aggressiveness or politicking, but rather on replicating specific patterns of behaviour. In other words,

With the Right System, Anyone Can Advance Their Career Fast.
Ever since that a-ha moment, I’ve been on a quest to help people like you to accelerate your career and join the “10% Club”.

I kept on refining and perfecting my career acceleration system like a mad-scientist until I could break it down in 6 simple steps so I can give anyone that is serious about career advancement a step by step formula.

I also set myself a goal to make my system work for executives in any industry, from IT to fashion, and that it delivers results fast (typically, my clients get the next-level job and secure salary increase in 6-12 months, many even earlier).

Once the system was ready, I realized that teaching it only through 1:1 mentoring sessions is doing a disservice to ambitious professionals around the world who are eager to learn this system. That is why I created an online training so I can…

Give YOU Access to The EXACT Fast and Simple 1-2-3 System That I Use to Accelerate My Career On Autopilot.
If you are a high achiever, serious about advancing your career fast and fulfilling your potential, then this is for you.

What you will learn inside the training will get you in the “10% Club” fast, so that the only thing you have to worry about in future is which job offer and salary level to accept.

Since this is an online training, this means that you can follow it on your mobile, tablet or laptop 24/7 anywhere, anytime (during your commute, or in your bed, or even in your office during spare time, which means that you will be getting paid to learn how to advance your career and get paid even more). Here are the…

10 Ways The Career Acceleration Formula Will Turn Your Career Into a Complete Success
Over the 6 Sections of Career Acceleration Formula, you will learn how to:

Advance your career and land job promotions fast
Command multiple 6-figures compensation package so you don’t need to worry about money anymore
Network like a pro so you can remain visible to the senior management at all times
Get into the secret talent pool of the top 10% of people in your organisation so you never have to worry about keeping your job
Turn senior executives into your personal mentors so you get godfathered on your way up
Have HR and senior management fight over you without you sending out any resumes or playing office politics
Easily access the so-called “hidden job market” (85% of all executive jobs!) so you keep landing superior jobs while others waste their time waiting for job openings to be announced
Get special invitations for 1:1 lunches and dinners with senior VPs and C-level executives and get seen in public with them…without the need to prove yourself to anyone
Program your mind for success, enabling you to increase your confidence and renew your achiever energy
Replicate your career success many times over
See What Other Top Achievers Say…
” If you are serious about your career and you want to move up the ladder then this course is for you.” ~Salvador (Head of Global Competitive Intelligence, Pharma/Biotech industry)

” As a result of taking this course, I accepted an interview on a new position way outside my experience – however well within my strengths. I will also be receiving a significant increase in salary due to the confidence this course has inspired.” ~Cindy (Senior Tech Executive_

“ The course has been great. I have begun on my One Big Thing and have already received recognition from my CEO!” ~Paul (Senior Account Executive, CRM Industry)

” In 2.5 months I created MY OWN BRAND NEW PERFECT JOB, which didn’t exist before and hadn’t been announced to the public.” ~Christina (International Brand Manager, Cosmetics Industry)

” I am glad to share the news that I have been promoted today.” ~Sridhar (Senior Project Manager, IT Industry)

My mission today is to liberate you from crappy, rehashed career advice from the so-called “career gurus” and instead introduce you to “10x career success strategies” that will get you 10x results in 1/10 of time.

Introducing: Career Acceleration Formula: An Online Training Featuring a Proven 6-Step Formula to Rapidly Accelerate Your Career, Land a Big Job Promotion and Boost Your Salary.
Say “Goodbye” to Career Stagnation and “Hello” to a VIP Career.
This is the first training that has everything you need to advance your career ultra fast:

…even if you’ve been stuck in the same job for a while

…even if your boss doesn’t actively support you

…even if you’ve been told that organization has career advancement rules

…even if you are in a highly political job environment

…even if it looks like there are no good jobs available

Here is what’s Included:
Lifetime access to Career Acceleration Formula
Immediate access to 6 sections with 36 action-focused video lessons
Specific action-plan with clear step-by-step instructions
1-page roadmap so you can easily track your progress
The exact strategies, frameworks and tactics I used to accelerate my career
Word-for-word scripts you can use for critical career conversations and emails
Future updates at no-additional cost
Here Is a Breakdown of What’s Included in Each Section:
Section 1: Winning Mindset

#1 reason why people fail to accelerate their career despite getting advice from career experts
How to take control over your career and use the power of compound effect to super-charge it
3 essential career acceleration elements and how their effects multiply over time
Why counterintuitive ideas yield superior results and what you can do to train your mind to think out of the box
8 winning career mindset principles that will give you an unfair advantage at your workplace
How to detect the limiting beliefs that may have sabotaged your career until now
Typical mistakes that prevent people from entering the “10% club”…and what you can do instead
Section 2: Choose Your Next Perfect Job

The #1 factor that will determine your career success in any job (hint: it is definitely not what you think)
Step-by-step process to finding your perfect next job without wasting years of your time and energy
Type of job that will allow you to be “in the zone” so your success becomes effortless
How to identify 3 sources of your competitive advantage over other candidates
Why you need to stop chasing “looks good on CV” jobs and instead position yourself so that perfect jobs chase you
The proven “brain hacks” you can use to program your mind to work for you and your success even while you are sleeping
Section 3: Find Your “One Big Thing”

8-steps checklist to help you get crystal clear on your “One Big Thing”
Ethically take credit for your work without coming across as arrogant or sleazy
How to use latest neuroscience findings to control what your mind focuses on at any given moment
Examples of “One Big Thing” across different industries and job titles
How to properly name and brand your “One Big Thing” so other people easily associate it with you
Leverage first 10 minutes of your day so you consistently implement your “One Big Thing”
How to continually renegotiate your priorities with your boss (and learn to say “No”) so your career advancement stays on top of your daily priorities
Section 4: Make Your Boss Work For You

Why you always need your boss if you want to get ahead (warning: it’s counterintuitive)
Quickly diagnose the level of support from your current boss and choose the right boss management strategy
How to turn-around relationship with your boss even it’s been been stuck for years (I’ll show you my personal examples)
The proven 4-stage process that will move your boss from being neutral or negative about your career advancement to becoming your biggest evangelist
What bosses really want and how you can use principle of micro-commitment to get them closer to what YOU want
Win over your boss in one single conversation and make him/her work for you and your next job promotion
Daily boss management tips so you always keep your boss working for your next job promotion
Section 5: You 2.0

How to naturally grow into your next role so you are successful from day one
Why more than 80% of jobs are never publicly announced and how to access the “hidden job market”
Tactics to “outsmart” your HR department and have jobs custom-designed for you
How to get continuous feedback from people around you so you know exactly where you stand at any moment
Easily identify your competency gap and learn how to obtain new competency in 1/10 of time (this took me years to hack and it’s absolute fun if you are a learner type)
2 critical qualities your future boss is looking for and how you can get in front of him/her before you have a job promotion interview
How to vercome the “no-experience objection” and create an undeniable proof that you are ready for your next job
Section 6: Become The Key Person of Influence

How to stay away from office politics and instead master the art of authentic influencing
How to network like a pro and know exactly who to meet and what to say
Why people choose to work with people they know, like and trust and what you can do about it
How to keep yourself in high-demand so hiring managers and HR people fight over you
How to build powerful connections with senior executives and turn them into your mentors
Leverage power of your mentor to get promoted multiply times fast
Learn how to influence beyond the walls of your company and surround yourself with VIPs

What is The Right Price For a Training That Has Become The “Secret Weapon” of Fortune 500 Fast-Track Careerists?
Instead of answering that question, let me share with you some other options.

Compare Career Acceleration Formula to…

Executive MBA Programs. Takes 2 years of your time and the cost has skyrocketed lately – from $95.000 (University of Florida) to $181.500 (Wharton) — there is no guarantee plus it will take you years to recoup your investment.
Executive career coaches. Some are very good, while others are not. Some are specialists, others are generalists. Most importantly, they don’t speak from their own experience. Price: $300-1.000/hour, plus you will easily end up paying for 10+ sessions (coaches are incentivized to have you back for more coaching). Guarantee: rare.
Certifications in specific industries: $1.000-$5.000. Great for learning new skills but will NOT teach you how to advance your career. Guarantees: none.
Doing nothing. It’s the most expensive and scariest of all: You risk waking up one day at the age of 65, looking back at your career, and realizing that you haven’t used your potential…
Here is the worst part about all of the above options – they are NOT designed to help you consistently advance your career.

In other words, they will NOT offer you a replicable system you can use again and again in the future to land new job promotions and climb the career ladder fast.

Now you have a unique option in front of you. “Career Acceleration Formula” is unlike any of the above listed options. Why? Because:

…It’s tested

…It’s proven to work

…It’s replicable

…It’s a “secret weapon” of top performers from major Fortune 500 companies.

…and it will cost you way less than ALL of the options listed above!

Hear More What Others Have To Say
“ I’m going through your online career acceleration training and I must say I’m impressed.” ~Marketing Manager, Google

“It is amazing how much value you give, I paid way more money just for resume coaching and writing last year.” ~Srini, Senior Consultant at Accenture

“ I got promoted today. From February I am x-sector HR Director for two divisions.” ~Monika, FMCG industry

“ I am happy that I made the right choice to enroll in this course and I wish this course existed few years ago.“ ~Allan, Healthcare Industry

And if you feel you are not getting 10x value from the training? Unlike any of the above mentioned options, here you have a 100% risk-free guarantee.

An Unbeatable Guarantee: Try the Course for 30-Days, 100% Risk-Free
This is crucial so pay attention: I decided to put all the risk…on me. If you are not satisfied with the course during the first 30 days for any reason, just email me, show me you completed the exercises from the first two sections, and I will give you ALL your money back.

Let me tell you exactly why I offer this unbeatable guarantee.

When I researched Career Acceleration Formula, I tried all of the available options in this area only to find that they regurgitated more of the same old, rehashed, generic info, coming from “experts” who never really had a fast-track career!

That’s not good enough for me or for my students.

Until today, I worked with hundreds of ambitious professionals who want to advance their career and I know that my system works. It works for men and women. For professionals in early 30s and late 50s. For strong individual contributors, managers, directors and high-level executives.

That’s why top performers from Fortune 500 companies use my system.

And that’s why I guarantee Career Acceleration Formula.

It’s simple: Take the training and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work, I want you to email me, prove you did the work, and I’ll refund you 100%.

This guarantee is extended for a full 30 days, which completely covers the duration of every section of the training. Try the ENTIRE training. If you don’t love it, just email me at ANY TIME during the course and show me you did the exercises from the first two sections so I know that you took an action. I’ll refund 100% of your price. You can even keep the ENTIRE training — at my expense.

Warning: Price of Career Acceleration Formula Will Increase Very Soon
I want to be clear about this upfront – I know how much value this training delivers and I know that return on investment my students get is at minimum 10x. That is why I anticipate price increase.

So if you want to get the Career Acceleration Formula before the price bump, hurry up to grab your copy for the price listed here.

Simply have your credit card ready, click on the button below, fill out the short form and in just 2 minutes you will access Section #1.

Once you access the course, be sure to view the Lesson #1 titled “Introduction” in order to get the maximum out of the course.

See you on the inside.

Remember, This Is THE Smart Choice…It’s Proven, It’s Easy and It Works. Click on The Button Below and Start Using “Career Acceleration Formula” Immediately.
Could you wait until next month to advance your career? Next year?

I worked with many students/mentees on accelerating their career and I know what will happen if you don’t act now. Here is a short list:

You will continue your day-to-day struggle at work, feeling trapped and bored
Your pay check will remain the same
Others will get the top jobs while you will be left behind
You will lose days and months, and soon be seen as “just another employee”
You will wake up one day feeling like you wasted your potential
Do NOT miss out the chance to get into the 10% of people who have amazing careers.


Bozi Dar

P.S. If your gut feeling tells you that this is the right training for you and you decide to pass on this opportunity, you will likely regret it. This may sound harsh, but you’ll be the only one to blame when you gaze into the mirror every morning knowing that you missed out on your chance at success. Take my hand right now and I’ll lead you (even drag you if I need to!) straight to YOUR new superior job title. What excuse could you possibly have for waiting?

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