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Boldheart – Mindset Retreat 2020 (Mindset Mastery)

Within the Boldheart Business program, we help you grow from “stuck” to 10K a month, consistently. Once you’re doing OK at 10K a month, we leverage your business to multiple 6 figures (and eventually 7 figures) with a more feminine approach that helps you gain time and life back.

Ready to attract more ideal clients, scale your existing business, and increase your impact, personal income and quality of life?

In the Boldheart Business program, we meet you exactly where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. We understand that your focus and actions as you generate your first 6 figures are considerably different than the actions you must take if you are curious about (or ready) to scale to 50k a month or even 7 figures.

What got you here, with the results you’re currently experiencing, won’t get you there. That’s why you need a different, tailored strategy that includes weekly coaching, structure for your distracted nature, and a wonderful community to hold you accountable.

This is how you will achieve more with us than you ever would on your own.

The Boldheart Business program is broken out by where you are in your business journey.

You’re getting started, you’ve got some clients now (making around 2K per month), but you’re not where you want to be and you’re working harder than you should, without as much traction as you’d like. You’d like to fill your practice and get more money coming in, and you want to ramp up to 10K a month (80K+ a year) as quickly as possible.

It’s time we teach you everything you need to know about marketing, client attraction and how to confidently close the sale (with heart) so you get more clients now and make 10K a month, consistently, so you can grow your impact and revenues.

You’re now making 8K or more a month, consistently. (Congrats on being at 6 figures!) But now, you’re overwhelmed and finding time to expand is a challenge, as there’s no time and no more of you to go around. You are committed to growing to multiple 6 figures, even 7 figures, but the idea of growing more makes you worried that you’ll lose even more of your control and freedom.

It’s time we teach you to create systems, get the right people to support you, delegate better and shift your business model to one that’s more leveraged, removing you from the day-to-day, so you grow your impact and revenues.

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