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Billy Willson – 6 Figure Agency

Course Curriculum

PreviewWelcome to 6 Figure Agency – What I Believe to be Fastest Way to a Sustainable Income (16:01)
StartHow to Join & Use The Private Mastermind Facebook Group (9:18)
StartHow to Get The Most Out of This Program (26:58)
StartMy Story (What to Expect) (20:08)
StartAction Steps – Getting Everything Set-Up
Step 1 – Build Your Foundations for Success
StartDesign Your Dream Life Workshop (16:09)
StartHow to Rewire Your Brain for Success (55:04)
StartHow We Bring Businesses Customers on Demand (23:23)
StartWhy Businesses Will Pay You $1,000-$10,000+ Per Month (10:39)
StartWhy Facebook Ads Are The Best Way to Blow Up a Business Fast (15:28)
StartHow We Use The Value Ladder to Generate Massive Amounts of Customers (6:55)
StartHow to Guarantee Success with The Scientific Method (8:09)
StartAction Steps – Design Your Dream Life and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
Step 2 – Find “Hidden Gem” Clients
StartHow to Find Dream Clients & Avoid Time Wasters (22:12)
Start13 Ways to Find Perfect Clients (32:51)
StartTo Niche or Not to Niche? (41:15)
StartAction Steps – Choose Your Niche & Find Potential Clients (5:42)
Step 3 – Get Meetings at Will
StartSales Mastery (44:53)
StartThe 8 Outreach Methods Ranked From Worst to Best (14:43)
StartThe Scientific Process Of Filling Up Your Calendar (8:56)
StartHow to Get Meetings on Demand with Facebook (19:12)
StartHow to Get Meetings on Demand with LinkedIn (6:36)
StartSteal My Cold Calling Scripts (30:17)
StartGet Past the Gatekeeper with Ease (10:36)
Start1 Hour of Live Cold Calls (52:43)
StartHow to Record Your Sales Calls (MUST WATCH) (13:02)
StartHow to Get Meetings By Cold Email (24:23)
StartHow to Handle Objections & Follow-Up (21:20)
StartThe Art of Setting Meetings (15:43)
StartAction Step – Create & Execute Your Outreach Plan (5:42)
Step 4 – Close Clients at Will
StartTurn Complete Strangers into High Paying Clients in 1 Meeting! (100:21)
StartSet Up Free Trials Seamlessly (17:50)
StartClosing The Client After a Free Trial (18:33)
StartHow Much To Charge (6:18)
StartHow to Followup (15:36)
StartHow to Collect Payment Automatically From Clients (15:27)
StartAction Steps – Start Closing Clients
Step 5 – Get Ridiculous Results for Your Clients
StartHow to Choose a Business Name & Create a Great Website in 7 Simple Steps (And a Business Email & Scheduler) (34:00)
StartCreate a Facebook Page & Business Manager THE RIGHT WAY (28:23)
StartFacebook Business Manager Walkthrough (17:49)
StartFacebook Ads Manager Walkthrough (17:05)
StartHow to Properly Onboard a Client (31:27)
Start1 – Perfect Facebook Ad Targeting (29:55)
Start2 – Creating the Perfect Offer (26:34)
Start3 – How to Create Facebook Ad Creatives That Convert (34:40)
Start4 – Become an Expert Facebook Ads Copywriter (65:39)
Start5 – Creating Facebook Ads (96:55)
Start6 – How to Deliver Leads to Your Clients (23:19)
Start7 – How to Help Clients Close Leads (26:39)
Start8 – How to Manage and Scale Facebook Ads (83:31)
StartFacebook Pixel (Introduction & Installation) (10:17)
StartAd Bank
StartMy Case Studies
StartClose Leads For Your Clients (Optional) (78:26)
StartClient Monthly Report Template (optional)
StartSend Leads Emails with Active Campaign (optional) (11:44)
StartAction Steps – Set up your website, business manager, Facebook page, and start getting results for clients!
Step 6 – Automate & Scale Your Agency to 6 Figures & Beyond
StartHow to Build a Team & Automate Your Agency (48:31)
StartHow to Create a Case Study Funnel to Increase Appointment Quality & Automate Outreach (COMING SOON)
StartScaling From Referrals (COMING SOON)
StartScaling From 6 to 7 Figures (COMING SOON)
StartClosing Words (6:34)
Bonus Resources
StartGet Access to $1,250 of Bonus Courses for Free!
StartOnline Marketing Softwares I Use for My Agency
StartHow to Pay the Least Taxes with Your Agency (25:06)
StartCreating an LLC (7:46)
StartCreating & Sending a Contract Agreement (9:24)
On Landing Pages
StartLead Gen Form vs Landing Page (7:11)
StartLanding Page vs Website (1:28)
Start3 Step Funnel Process (2:24)
StartCreate a Landing Page From Scratch (11:34)
StartComplicated vs Basic Landing Pages (3:32)
StartComplicated Funnels (7:48)
StartIntegrate Active Campagin w/ Click Funnels (4:15)
StartOptimizing Landing Pages for Mobile (5:43)
StartSplit Test Landing Pages (1:28)
Learn From Other’s Mistakes With These Student Ad Critiques!
StartMassive Gold Nuggets Dropped in This Live Ad Review – Lawyer & Dental Client (35:18)
StartReviewing Student’s Ads – DJ Client (42:40)
StartReviewing Student’s Ads – eCommerce Clients (65:22)
StartAlex Mazin Student Interview – Breaking Limiting Beliefs (45:28)
Watch Me Close High Ticket Clients in Real Meetings!
StartWatch Me Close a $5,000 Client (68:04)
StartInitial Meeting With My New $2000 Client (41:22)
StartWatch Me Close a $2,000 Client (66:37)

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