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Andrew Kroeze – Facebook Group Growth And Monetization Blueprint 2019

How To Grow An Engaged Facebook Group & Monetize With An Online Course In 42 Days

Group Growth & Monetization Blueprint At A Glance


Beginner to intermediate


A multiple 6-figure online business


6-weeks (lifetime access to content and Q&A calls)


Videos, guides, worksheets, group mastermind, weekly calls

What is it?

Group Growth & Monetization Blueprint is a 6 week online course with guides, worksheets, templates, weekly live Q&A calls, and an exclusive mastermind community of entrepreneurs. It shows you how to grow an online audience, create digital products, & sell those digital products.

Who’s it for?

Group Growth & Monetization Blueprint is for anyone that wants to grow an engaged audience online and wants to make a 6-figure + income from digital products. It works for anyone regardless of previous knowledge or experience.

Where does it happen?

Group Growth & Monetization Blueprint consists of online video trains, tools, weekly online Q&A calls, and a private Facebook Group Community

How does it work?

You follow the step-by-step roadmap, watch the videos, use the guides, worksheets, and templates. Ask questions within the Facebook Group or on the weekly calls. Follow the process, get results.

When does it start?

You start the moment you enroll. Go as fast or slow as you would like. You have lifetime access.

Why does it exist?

We created GGMB because there was nothing out there that showed business owners how to build and scale a digital product organically, while developing a tribe and delivering massive impact.

Group Growth & Monetization Blueprint Course Content

In just 6 weeks, you’ll turn your business into a growth machine. Here’s how…

[Module 0] Fast-Track Fundamentals

  • The Daily Implementation Process To Minimize Wasted Time & Maximize Sales
  • Staying Organized For Maximum Success In This
  • Program & Life
  • [Mindset] Done Is Better Than Perfect
  • [Mindset] Social Proof Is the Name of the Game
  • [Mindset] The Magnetizing Tone
  • [Mindset] Us Against The World Mentality
  • [Mindset] The Difference Between a $5k Group & a $50k Group

[Module 1] Setting Your Brand Up For Audience Growth, Engagement, & Monetization

  • Identify Your Target Audience & Choosing Your Group Name That Attracts Your Ideal Client
  • Crafting Your Facebook Group Member’s Experience So That Your Group Is ALWAYS 80%< Active
  • Facebook Profile Set Up That Turn Friends Into Buyers
  • Facebook Group Set Up For Engagement & Monetization
  • Public Figure Page & Messenger Bot Set Up
  • The 11 Personal Profile Posts That Convert Friends Into Buyers
  • Finding Your Ideal 5000 Friends (aka LEADS)
  • Generating Strategy Sessions To Collect Feedback & Nurture Leads
  • Exactly What To Post On Your Personal Profile For The First 2 Weeks

[Module 2] Growing Your Audience: Facebook-* Group, Email List, & Messenger Bot List

  • Growing Your Group, Bot List, & Email List With This One Systematized Process
  • Quickly Growing Your Group Using Your Current Lists: The List Migration Strategy
  • Hunting For Group Members So Your Consistently Bringing Red Hot Leads In
  • The 4 Types of Posts In Other Facebook Groups That Attract Your Ideal Client
  • Ethically Stealing Group Members Without Coming Off Spammy (Messenger Outreach)
  • Leveraging Interviews To Generate Group Members
  • Growing Your Messenger Bot List & Broadcasting Messages Quickly & Effectively
  • Getting 50 Messenger Bot Subscribers & 30 Public Figure Reviews With One Post

[Module 3] Nurturing Your Audience To * Become Buyers

  • Welcoming New Members To Your Facebook Group To Maximize Engagement
  • The 14 Types of Content That Engage Facebook > Group Members
  • Creating Your Group Content Calendar So That > You Only Spend 30 Min Per Week Creating Content
  • Conducting Target Audience Research So That You Sell EXACTLY What Your Audience Wants
  • The Interview Process That Grows Your Audience & Expands Your Network
  • What To Do Before The Interview To Maximize Attendance
  • Booking Out Your Group Interview Calendar In 1 Hour
  • How To Find The Best Group Moderators To Leverage Your Time More Effectively
  • How To Create An Engaged Community: Celebrate WINS!

[Module 4] Creating & Launching Your Beta •< Program (Minimal Viable Course)

  • The 3 Necessary Elements of Epic Offer Creation: The Problem, The Promise, & The Process
  • Brain Dumping
  • Brain Dumping to Moduling
  • Structuring Your Beta Program
  • Getting Clients Into Your Beta Program
  • Onboarding New Clients
  • Conducting The Weekly Group Calls
  • Setting Up Your Beta Program’s Private Facebook Group
  • Setting Up Your Course Template & Creating Course Content
  • The 4 Questions To Collect Epic Video Testimonials
  • The 3 Strategies to Collect Testimonials In Mass [Bonus] Monetizing With Masterclasses

[Module 5] Messenger & Call Sales Mastery

  • The 15 Mindset Frameworks For Sales (w/ Brad Newman)
  • The 6 Step Objection Handling Process (w/ Brad Newman)
  • The Step-By-Step Script I Used to Collect $1,000,000 In Cash In 2018 (w/ Brad Newman)
  • How To Create a Quick, Simple, Dirty CRM
  • A Lead Isn’t Responding? Try This…
  • Messenger Sales Mastery

Expert & Technical Trainings  ‘

  • Group Convert Training w/ Kim Dang
  • ClickFunnels (Sales Funnels) Training w/ Luis Alvarado
  • ManyChat (Messenger Bots) Training w/ Andrew Kroeze
  • Canva (Graphic Design) Training w/ Natasha Takahashi
  • Using (Linkedln) To Generate Facebook Group Members Training w/ Brian Downard
  • (Copywriting) Training w/Jeff J Hunter
  • Mindset & (Video Sales Letter) Training w/ Nik Robbins
  • ActiveCampaign (Email Autoresponder) Training w/ Luis Alvarado
  • Hiring Freelancers & VAs: Brandon Becker

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • Welcome Call
  • Group Coaching Call #1
  • Group Coaching Call #2
  • Group Coaching Call #3
  • Group Coaching Call #4
  • Group Coaching Call #5
  • Group Coaching Call #6
  • Group Coaching Call #7

Here’s a summary of everything you get…

This is not your typical “course”. We provide you with everything you need to be successful!

The Complete Group Growth & Monetization Blueprint Program

So you have a step-by-step process that’s proven to grow your audience and scale to multiple 6-figures with online products…($3000 Value)

Access To The GGMB Private Mastermind Group

So that you can mastermind and get help from 6-figure, even 7-figure entrepreneurs! ($1997 Value)

Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Calls

So you have clarity on what exactly you need to do to level up your business in the coming week ($4997 Value)

Group Convert Software, A Plug & Play Website, Messenger Bot Templates

So that you can automate money making processes in your business, without all the guess work ($2597 Value)

More Information: Please check more value courses here !

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