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Amy Meissner – Weekly Playbook Workshop #1

The Weekly Playbook Workshop #1 will go into much more detail about how Amy Meissner and Dan Harvey trades Put and Call credit spreads. They will also show you a short term Broken Wing Butterfly on SPX.

The workshops will

  • Have detailed guidelines – and more than one management options (if appropriate)
  • Show you Amy and Dan’s scanning setups – under the hood – tools and setup for each strategy
  • Show you Amy and Dan’s processes – for picking and setting up trades using scans and analysis
  • Have live trading picks – that you can track and review
  • Have live mini-sessions​ during market hours – so you can watch how Amy and Dan run through their routines in real time
  • Have a special session on Market Tone and Sentiment

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The Weekly Playbook Workshop 

  • Deep dive – into Amy and Dan’s credit spread strategies
  • Amy and Dan’s routines – so you have a defined process of how to do it yourself​
  • Live demos – during market hours

What’s Included?

  • 4-6 live webinars and Q&A.
  • Guidelines and rules for each strategy
  • Real-time demonstrations during market hours

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