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All In Entrepreneurs – Virtual Wholesaling Mastery

This Virtual Wholesaling Course is everything you need to KNOW to start taking ADVANTAGE of the SHIFTING market! Stop going on appointments and get ahead of the CURVE! This investment will give you an UNFAIR advantage, save you a ton of pain and headache and ultimately put more money in your POCKET!

Course Curriculum

StartIntro To The Virtual Wholesaling Course! (1:05)
StartWho We Are (1:18)
Virtual Wholesaling 101
StartWhy You Should Virtually Wholesale! (4:59)
StartDetermining A Hot Zip Code (5:17)
StartDetermining A HOT Market (2:32)
StartRunning Comps (6:42)
StartFinding A Title Company & REAL Cash Buyers (7:07)
StartHow To Find Boots On The Ground (3:02)
StartTrifecta Of Virtual Wholesaling (2:45)
Start4 Phases Of Virtual Wholesaling (4:00)
StartCompany Credibility Examples (3:02)
Start3 Types Of Sellers (3:12)
StartThe Contact (3:38)
StartImportance Of Tonality (4:08)
StartImportance Of Rapport (7:05)
StartNegotiating With Seller (8:06)
StartMost Common Objects & How To CRUSH Them (8:08)
StartValue Over Offer (3:32)
StartPreparing The CLOSE! (5:34)
StartThe Close (3:34)
StartClosing Table (2:40)
StartVirtual Wholesaling Resources (2:17)
StartPower Of Virtual Acquisitions (2:03)
StartOutro! TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! (1:28)

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