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Alexandertrading – Trading Options Using Auction Market Principles

Whether you are an experienced options trader looking for more edge in your options trading, or someone who would like to know how to practically trade options, this is a unique approach to both options trading and another way to benefit from an understanding of how to apply Auction Market Principles.

Auction Market Principles are a proven methodology for screening opportunities offering the highest expectancy trades in stocks, futures and commodities. An understanding of options and how to apply them provides a powerful combination for the trader. The advantages of trading option strategies are:

  •  Defined risk
  •  Leverage
  •  Flexibility

Options are more complex than trading futures or stocks.  Option prices are affected not only by the price movement of the underlying asset but also by time, volatility and strike.  However, it is this very complexity that provides the unique flexibility that options provide.  With the proper training and understanding, options can be a valuable and profitable tool.

This is a fully featured options course and ongoing education that builds on our expertise in Auction Market Principles.  In this course we will explain how options can help you trade specific Auction Market setups that give the highest expectancy returns. We will use examples of how to trade options on individual stocks, ETFs and futures.

This is a no hype, realistic and practical way to trade options using Auction Market Principles.

The six-hour Auction Market Option Trading foundation covers:

  •  A review of Auction Market Principles and the Profile graphic,
  •  Option basics,
  •  Option terminology (greeks) and how to interpret,
  •  Option spreads,
  •  Using analytics to model risk and reward,
  •  Stock selection,
  •  Applying the correct option strategy
  •  Examples

The Trading Auction Market Options Service is a monthly subscription that includes:

  • A daily 45-60 minute live webinar that will be recorded and archived, and available to members in the options forum.
  • Trade reviews, ideas and potential strategies.
  • Ongoing education and introduction of advanced strategies.
  • An Options Forum where Allen and I will occasionally post ideas and that will give members the opportunity to ask questions and post their own ideas.

Our Options Programs are taught by:

Tom Alexander

  • 35+ Years as a professional trader
  • Started career in mid-’80s as a stockbroker
  • Owned a brokerage firm (futures/commodities) for nine years
  • Traded large private accounts
  • Institutional trading experience
  • Manage family accounts
  • Partner/trader in a registered hedge fund
  • Student of “Market Profile” and Auction Market Principles for 34 years
  • Trading Educator for past 16 years

Allen Spore

  • 15 years, full time professional options and futures trader
  • Student of AMP and Market Profile since 2009
  • Business career in Information Technology
  • Founded and developed private company providing computer software and processing services
  • MBA, University of California, Berkeley

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