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Agora Financial – Jim Rickards Intelligence Triggers

Hi, Jim Rickards here…

Right Now I’m going to introduce you to a true breakthrough.

It’s my simple, proprietary timing indicator that even a 6-year old child could instantly spot.

I call it the “Kissinger Cross” – named after Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State. I’ll explain why I’ve named this indicator in his honor in a moment…

And while Henry Kissinger hasn’t endorsed what you’re about to see, spotting these “Kissinger Crosses” in the financial markets can hand-deliver you THREE big advantages over every other investor:

  • First, you could be able to see the biggest and fastest potential investment gains — months before they happen…
  • Second, you can routinely get the chance to capture repeatable gains as high as 1,616%…
  • And third, you could make up to 16x your money in a way that can be safer than how most people trade stocks.

To prove how simple it is to make money using this technique, I’m going to show you three stock charts based on series of winning back-tested trade examples right now.

Take a look at this one, ticker symbol AEM:

It’s tough to know when to buy or sell.

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Is AEM a good trade or a bad one?

Now take a look at how crystal clear the trade becomes when you overlay my Kissinger Cross tool…

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