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Abu Fofanah – Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator 2.0

a virtual marketing accelerator for founders.
We train business owners how to market & monetize their business online and on social.

What we do

one of a kind.
First online program focused on training business owners how to bootstrap using their own finances to make consistent and predictable income.

Our Secret Sauce

see what sets us apart.
The Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator is a 6 week LIVE program designed to help founders (business owners) learn how to maximize returns on marketing. Over the course of a few weeks, founders will complete trainings, exercises, and be coached through their launch or sales process. Upon graduation founders are equipped with the knowledge, network, and skills to successfully build marketing campaigns that will generate consistent leads and sales.

Structured Curriculum
Get access to a library of content, module, step-by-step guides to help you execute.

Engaged Community
Engage with a community of founders all across the country in many different industries.

Weekly LIVE Touchpoints
Receive weekly coaching during your residency by someone whose experienced.

Our Missions

we help your business grow.
Part 1: The Course
Part 2: The Community
Part 3: Group Coaching
Our Curriculum

up to date and easy to digest training.
The main focus of the Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator is to teach you how to monetize. When you join the program here’s what you get:

(1) 6-Weeks of Group Coaching

(2) Course Content (Including Homework & Exercises)

(3) Founders Community

Week 0: Getting Started & Pre-homework
Week 1: Outline the Seller & Audience Profile
Week 2: The Proper Way to [Launch] Make Sales
Week 3: How to Build Relationship Funnels
Week 4: Campaign Development, Putting it All together
Week 5: Build on Auto-pilot: How to Generate Leads & Sales
Week 6: How to Scale Quickly & 3x your Sales Goal
Bonus Ecommerce: Selling Products Online
Bonus: Launching a Webinar
Bonus: My Thousand Dollar Ad Strategies

Structured Curriculum
Easy to follow and each week you gain access to a new module to complete.

Video Focused
Watch high dynamic videos that make complex more digestible.

Step by Step Guide
Get an easy to execute plan to get your business running quickly.

Student Results
“I’m celebrating because I posted my first couple of Facebook Ads last night and I converted [made a sale + got a lead added to my email list] for the first time ever within 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to understand that before this Marketing Accelerator I spent a little of $1000 on ads and NEVER converted…no money, no leads, nothing! The ad that converted was an Instagram post of my affirmation cards.”

Teneka Steed
“So last month I finished at $13.1k in just 28 days. This was just from runnings ads only during the last week of February. This month I started running ads and in just 6 days into March, I’ve already hit $7.2k spending about $80 on ads per day plus client testimonials I’m posting everyday. If all goes well hopefully I can have a $30,000 sales month.”

Our Community

engaged founders community.
Connect & meet other business founders around the globe who can give you feedback and input on your ideas, as well as, holding you accountable.

Who is this for?
Service Business
Product Business
Expert or Creative Coach
Small Business Owner
Beauty Skin Brands
Course Creators
Subscription Brands

Access a wide network
Meet some of the top business owners around the country who are dominating their respective industries.

Founders Community

LIVE Coaching

live weekly coaching.
Work alongside someone whose already been there to get your questions answered, get quick feedback, and get unstuck.

Head Instructor: Abu Fofanah

Weekly Live Touchpoints
Receive step by step guidance and accountability from our LIVE sessions.

Student Results
“I don’t even know where to begin. I never thought it would be possible making $15,000 in 3 months!! Abu challenged us and it was extremely hard because we had built a lot of bad habits. But being able to have access to him, the trainings, and his knowledge literally made all the difference for our business. For the longest, Base Butter was just a small indie beauty brand who struggled making $500 a month but now we’re making over $5,000 a month!”

She’Neil Johnson
“Can you say Amazon Best Seller in 24 hours?! Abu was truly heaven sent! I heard so many great things about him months before approaching him to help me launch my first book. I told him I had never done this before but I wanted to really hit the ground running when I launch. He spent every day helping me plan this launch and designed the entire marketing strategy behind it. Abu knows the ins and outs of marketing and monetizing online. We are still working together till this day.”

Tonya Rapley

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Our Policies

A. Product Quality

We will provide GOOD quality of courses fast. If any issue, please email: [email protected]
We sure that your problem will be support as soon as possible.

B. Digital Shipping Proceess

After your payment, we will review your payment, Then, we will send you PCLOUD LINK OF COURSES through email in 3 – 8 hours. If any issue, we will inform you as soon as possible.

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