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Aaron Fletcher – 09 – Winning Webinar Formula


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Learn how to quickly create, launch and convert using our unique “fill in the blanks” webinar template, frameworks, swipe copy and over 3 hours of training!

You want to launch a webinar, it seems so easy according to the Guru’s, all you do is upload all of your content, make some slides, put a video on every webinar or some evergreen webinar platform and the money just flows into your bank account. Right?

Wrong. The devil is in the details.

Most people never launch a successful webinar. They get caught up with all the steps required to actually advertise, get people to show up, creating the title of your webinar, know what to say, create all the slides and what you should charge for your product.

Most people I talked to never get it live or they are never able to get it to go evergreen. And the bottom line is most webinars don’t work.

I have taken the time, I’m talking about years of studying every webinar model, technique and methodology out there. In our Winning Webinar system is awesome because it tells you what to do before the webinar, to prepare for your webinar.

We give you a slide by slide template, PowerPoint and Keynote literally… you just change the images and the copy.

According to our formula, we talked about how to set up the whole funnel and the system what to tell your webinar, how to get people to show up, how to get people to stay to the end, and how to present an irresistible offer that people can’t refuse.

The Winning Webinar Formula course is absolutely, at least according to our 6000 plus customers, the best webinar system on the planet.

You can have it for a small fraction of what the gurus out there teach. We will see you in the Winning Webinar Formula course.


At the core of The Fletcher Method lies an ever-growing repository of done-for-you templates and one page “cheat sheets” that cut out 95% of the time and frustration related to virtually every aspect of online marketing.

Course Curriculum

Winning Webinar Formula
PreviewIntroduction (8:17)
StartDownload The Cheat Sheet/Checklist/Framework Here!
StartPre-Webinar Planner (10:45)
StartAnatomy of a Perfect Webinar (20:34)
StartSlide Template Walkthrough (6:52)
StartUsing the Content Crusher (10:47)
StartBranding and Slide Design (7:38)
StartAarons Webinar Content Walkthrough (5:53)
StartFunnel Overview (18:50)
StartFunnel Case Study (22:32)
StartEmail Marketing (21:11)
StartRetargeting (12:57)
StartMetrics Multiplier (16:16)
StartAutomated Webinars (17:06)

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